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I lost my black cat in Edinburgh

My black cat was a beauty. Whoever saw her fell in love with her. Her green eyes sprouted the hearts, and her black fur nourished her thoughts. She had a slim body, gymnast. She had long legs and sharp ears. Unfortunately, I did not have time to take too many pictures. I have too few memories left from the black cat that was my friend for a day.

I like all the animals and sometimes I get involved in saving them. This time, I ask you to help me, because I lost the black cat in Edinburgh and I want to find her. I miss her every day. Sometimes I wonder if she is hungry, thirsty or cold, if she misses the streets or stays in the house, to the heat. Or could she stay where I left it next to the Edinburgh castle? Read More

Donations around winter holidays

Donations around winter holidays

I like to see the world engaging in noble causes, helping without expecting rewards, and for this reason, when I hear about such actions, I write on my blog to make their deeds known. This evening I was at Tesco for a few shopping. On leaving, as I left the store, I stopped for a second in the district with books donated by others. There I can leave as much money as I want and I can choose the book I want. The money that I and others like me get to some people with cancer. This time, I offered only two pounds for a booklet about Martin’s mice.

A little further, I saw a box in which various dog and cat food was collected. Any person entering the store could leave something good to eat for a being that totally depends on us, the people. Unfortunately, I did not buy for my dog, Bruno, except for chicken, and it did not seem right for my donation, because I do not know how long the food donated to the dog gets and I do not want to send something perishable. Read More

From what age does old age begin?

I met a man from Poland at work. He likes to talk and has many stories to share with others. He told us one night of a funny story on Polish television when he was a child. The actor who voiced the characters of a children’s show, believing the film ended, cursed the children and the bear whose voice imitates. I enjoyed this happening, so I searched the internet for details and I found out that the bear that the Polish was talking about is the famous Teddy bear, Miś Uszatek in polish.

When I met him, the man in Poland asked me what city I am from. I told him I was from Wishaw, Scotland, because I live here now. He was not interested in it, but he wanted to know the city where I live in my native country, Romania. Ploiesti, I told him. He looked into my eyes and told me he knew this city. I also looked at him with disbelief. Ploiesti is a small town, unknown to many people. How could believe a man in Poland know my city? He spoke to me one word and I immediately understood that he was telling me the truth, that he knew about the city of Ploiesti: the refineries. Read More