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Freelancer – Can you earn money if you work from home writing articles?

I’ve been working for seven years as a freelancer. I write on my blogs, but also on my clients’ sites. I’ve written paid articles, press releases, essays, paid advertisements, SEO articles, children’s stories, adult stories and more. One of my blogs is very well positioned: DA 45, PA 45. I earn a lot of money with him. It’s a blog written in Romanian.

Do you have an article job and are looking for a experienced and a skilled blogger which can write in whatever form you want? I will be glad to help you and the price of an article written by me will please you. For collaborations or any information I can be contacted at the email address sas.vienela(at)

Since I moved to Scotland and I started learning a little English, I’ve been thinking of trying to find new opportunities, earning money as a freelancer writing in English. I already knew about the existence of the freelancer site, I had an account opened there. I applied to a few jobs Read More