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At the reception desk at the Plaza Hotel

Homework ESOL level 3 course

When you complained at the reception desk at the Plaza Hotel, you felt that the receptionist was not very helpful. She noted your complaint, but she didn’t apologize or offer any compensation.
You still feel angry about this. After you return home you decide to write a letter to the hotel manager.
 Invent an address for the Plaza Hotel.
 Write this and your own address in the correct places at the top of the page.
 Open with Dear Sir/Madam,
 In the first paragraph, tell the manager what the breakfast was like.
 In the second paragraph, say what happened at the reception desk.
 In the third paragraph, say what you want the manager to do.
 End with Yours faithfully,
 Sign the letter and print your name underneath.
 Write approximately 150 words. Read More

Preposition of place (opposite, next to, behind, on the corner of, between, in the middle)

At the beggining of ESOL level 3 course, our teacher brought us a worksheet to help us to learn preposition of place (opposite, next to, behind, on the corner of, between, in the middle). I prepared a similar one to show you what I learned. Click the picture to make it bigger.

The library is on the corner of Aston Road.

The bank is between car park and dentist.

The park is opposite the library.

The dentist is in the middle.

The supermarket is next to the chemist. Read More

Homework – free-time activity


Think about your favourite free-time activity. Write a description of it. Include:

-how often you do it

-where you do it

-what equipment you need

-what clothes you need

-when the best time to do it is

-why you like it

I didn’t use to like writing when I was younger. I used to read every day that time. Now, my favourite free-time activity is Read More

Future with will

Future with will

I will + verb                      I’ll + verb

I will not + verb               I won’t + verb

If I feel better, I’ll go shopping with my mum.

If the weather is good, I’ll go to the park to play football.

If it rains, I won’t go out.

If I decide to stay in, I’ll ring you. Read More