Homework – Your friend has a bad back. Write a short e-mail to:

-ask how he/she is

offer advice

-ask if he/she needs anything

Hi Elaine

Eva told me you had a backache and that’s why you haven’t been at work the last shift. How are you feeling now? Much better I hope. Are you taking anything for it? I’m going to give you some advice: take some pain killers whenever you have pain (maximum five times daily). Get lots of rest. You should also apply some ointment three times a day.

I want you to make an appointment to see a doctor next week if it doesn’t get better over the next few days. I think that you should stay at home until you feel 100 per cent again.

Please let me know if you want me to speak to the manager about your problem.

Get well soon.


PS: I don’t remember if I wrote somewhere about my name. I used to say my name is Alexandra (my first name is Alexandrina) because it is easier to pronounce than my middle name, V.

I will put in each article about ESOL a picture taken here, because Scotland is a wonderful country, which you deserve to see at least through my eyes: Portobello, Edinburgh

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