3 Bedroom Flats and Houses to rent in Bathgate, West Lothian

We thought everything would be simple: we would come to Scotland, find a job, work honestly, respect the people and the laws of this country, and live better than living in our country. Unfortunately, reality shows us daily that life is never easy. We are looking for a house to rent, to be close to the workplace, to have time to rest and to do our chores. We can not find it. People told us we had chances to watch the gumtree. I do this a few times a day, but the offers there do not match our needs or, if they fit, the claims of homeowners (landlords) and especially agencies are far beyond what we can offer.

We need, as I wrote above, a house or a three-room apartment or several rooms in Bathgate. I also accept somewhere near Blackburn, Withburn etc. Tenders are quite low and claims are beyond our capabilities. I do not necessarily mean the money they ask for rent, although this money is sometimes too many, but especially because the real estate agency requires a permanent employment contract, for example. Where do we get that, if we work through an agency for the time being? This means that we only have two options: sleeping on the street or staying in those who are hosted now, and who are only rented apartments far away from our workplace.

All my family loves animals. On the streets of Romania there are many homeless animals. We adopted a dog and four cats a few years ago. In Scotland we only took the dog with us, because animal transport cost us a lot (300 pounds I paid to bring the dog here) and because we did not know if we could rent a house if we had many animals. I was right. Scottish people rent their homes, but most do not get pets. Most announcements say clearly: sorry, no pets. Ok, it seems like all we have to do is hang out with the dog in the street, although we have enough money and we want a place, clean, safe, close to the workplace.

It’s not easy for a stranger to settle in a new country. There are so many things to learn: to master the language well in order to communicate with people, to learn everything he has to do at the new job, to get used to food, air, climate, with everything new to him. If, in addition, he also has the care of the house, the poor man will suffer and will be constantly stressed. That’s what’s happening to us now. We are scared, stressed, agitated, nervous, disappointed. We do not know how to proceed to solve the housing problem to find a home or apartment for rent in Bathgate, West Lothian, that is where we have found work.

I’m writing this blog article because we need your help. We need to find a house for rent in Bathgate. If you own such a house or know someone, let us know. You can help us share this article. You can give us advice on how we can look for and find a house for rent in Scotland if we do not have a permanent job contract, just a core shift through the agency.

Let me say a few words about us too. There are five people: my husband, my 24-year-old son, my son’s childhood friends (husband and wife) and myself. We are all working, honest and clean people. We have jobs, we work honestly, we work hard and we try to behave better in the country that has welcomed us with open arms and offered us another level of living. We have a medium-sized dog. He always lived in the apartment. It does not destroy things, it does not mess, it does not bark except in extreme cases. I could say he is the child of our family. He plays all day with his toys and does not bother anything in the house.
Do you help us find 3 Bedroom Flat and House to rent in Bathgate, West Lothian, please?

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