Keep the elderly active during lockdown

During the lockdown period I try to stay active, to have many interesting interests, to do things that I am passionate about. But I also like to learn new things, for which I did not have enough time when I worked. I advise you to do the same, no matter how old you are or what your concerns are. It is the only way we can get out of this period of social isolation well, physically and mentally healthy. Have you ever wondered How do you entertain seniors at home? or How do you keep an elderly person busy?, here you are in the right place.

I will try in this article to give you some useful suggestions that will motivate the elderly. I want to make them enjoy life and to have reasons to look ahead with a smile on their faces. Today we speak about activities for elderly at home during lockdown. There are four important words here: activities elderly home lockdown. Ready?

            Determine what kind of person the elderly next to you is:

I know it’s not easy to keep busy an elderly person locked up in the house, especially if he has physical or mental health problems. To achieve your goal it is important to realize what kind of person he is. Is he a cheerful, extroverted man or is he a person who prefers loneliness, who avoids group activities? Of course, you can try to offer him alternatives, but he is unlikely to want to change at this age. If the elderly next to you has lived in isolation all his life, enjoying his little passions. He probably won’t want to start attending book clubs now, for example. Which activities do you think an old person will enjoy?

           Activities for elderly at home during lockdown

There are many activities that can be done by an elderly person at home, either during the lockdown or in general. You just have to choose according to his age, sex, health and, of course. Just think about what kind of person he is/has been.

First of all, the elderly must be involved in family life, in daily household activities. You can ask him for his opinion on what you will cook. His family can ask him for advice on how to cook a certain dish. Also, you can ask him to arrange the table, so that it looks like in a restaurant or even better. If you have children in the house, you can ask elderly to read them stories or teach them something. For example to draw, sing, play old games. You can ask him to fold the dry laundry, to arrange the flowers in pots or books on the shelves.

activities elderly home lockdown

              Activities that the elderly person can do by himself

There are countless activities that a person can do for his own pleasure. I will list some of them below, so that you can choose what you think suits the elderly person next to you:

-reading is an activity suitable for any age and even more so for a person who has gone through life, who wants to enjoy his soul with beautiful stories

-help him listen to stories and documentaries that are free on youtube, netflix, google play, etc.

-to write his memoirs; he will certainly feel very well reminiscing about old times, remembering old habits, old friends and places he hasn’t seen in a long time; grandchildren will also be happy to find out how they once lived

-exercise regularly; it is very important for the elderly person to exercise daily, no matter how little, even for a few minutes

-genealogy; to make the family tree is an activity that will bring him immense satisfaction; he will rejoice in remembering relatives who have long since died, they will look at old photographs that will bring back memories of the days when they were young and carefree; but especially he will be busy for a long time




-doing arts and crafts


-taking care of a pet (do not choose a dog if the elderly person is no longer in strength or if he has mental health problems; a cat, a hamster, a cage bird, aquarium fish are suitable pets)

             Group activities that the elderly person can do

Even during the lockdown period due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are various clubs that operate online and which addresses to all age groups. The elderly can choose to participate in book clubs, a club for the elderly, a virtual cafe with free discussions, etc.

There are a lot of foreigners who would be happy to have an online conversation with someone to improve their English. If you manage to put them in touch, both the elderly and the foreigner eager to learn will benefit. I am one of the people who would enjoy improving their English by talking online with an elderly person.

Have fun with the family. Don’t let grandparents sit away when you have fun. Try to involve them in your games, to make them stay physically and mentally active. Whether you play cards, watch reality shows, listen to music or discuss politics, include the elderly in your activities.

Many museums and libraries around the world offer free tours during the lockdown. The elderly person concerned with culture will be very interested in visiting online museums that he has never had the opportunity to see.

Try to keep in touch by phone or video conference with friends, relatives, people who have the same concerns or health problems as the senior in your home.

Invite him for short walks, either in the yard, or around the house, or in places he likes and can reach during the lockdown.

           Respecting the elderly, you respect yourself

It doesn’t matter how old or healthy he is. Make him feel alive, to see that you care about his opinions. Make him feel important and useful. Respect him, because that’s how you respect yourself as a human being.

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