Addicted to coffee – why stop drinking?

Today I read an interesting and very well documented article about some ways to stop drinking coffee. The author emphasizes in this text that coffee makes us addicted. This is how people come to believe that they cannot live without coffee. Some people think no drink in the world is better than coffee. I think that they will never be able to stop drinking coffee. That was the moment I wondered and asked the author of the article why anyone would want to stop drinking coffee. I even brought some reasons why it’s good to drink coffee. Addicted to coffee – why stop drinking?

Why stop drinking?

“Even doctors say that a cup of coffee drunk in the morning gives you energy and improves your digestion. In addition, it is so pleasant to wake up and know that a sweet-bitter aromatic drink is waiting for you in the kitchen”

If you are healthy, a cup of coffee will help you start the day full of energy. Careful! Any exaggeration is harmful to the human body. That is why it is important to limit ourselves to one cup of coffee a day, maximum two in the periods when we are crowded and we need to overflow with energy. But what do you do if you’re not healthy? I will tell you two little stories from my family’s life. They are 100% true.

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My mother always drank coffee. She was the first to wake up in the morning. When she put the kettle on the fire and drank her coffee in the quiet of the house, she was happy. It was a habit: making plans for the activities she was going to do that day. Her moment of intimacy with her own thoughts. It was her main pleasure in the morning: the cup of coffee she drank at dawn. After the mother had an ischemic stroke, the doctors forbade her to drink any more coffee. We had to look for alternative ways to satisfy her little addiction. As long as she lived, that is, for almost ten years, I offered her half a cup of decaffeinated coffee every Sunday morning.

  Addicted to coffee? He stopped drinking

My husband used to drink 4-5 coffees a day. Besides the pleasure of talking to me or my friends while enjoying this sweet-bitter drink, he used to drink at least 2 liters of Coca-Cola every day. One fall, while we were renovating the apartment, he had to go for a routine medical check-up. Doctors found that his blood pressure was too high, so they told him he was no longer allowed to drink coffee. He was only 31 years old.

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Although my husband seemed addicted to coffee, he managed to give up this habit very quickly and without suffering. He had no headaches and did not feel the usual effects of addiction. It’s been a long time since then. My husband never touched coffee. So, he hasn’t drunk a cup all these years. Also, he gave up Coca-Cola. He takes his blood pressure pill every morning and feels very well.

I’m still used to drinking coffee. When I speak with my friends, I tell them one thing about coffee. Be careful. I’m the kind of person who feels like he can’t live without coffee. Addicted to coffee. I only drink one cup in the morning and another half a cup of coffee at lunch. Do not to do it very concentrated, please, because I want to live forever. As I said, exaggerations are not good for our health. I’ve always been told that I look like my grandmother. She lived to the age of 84 and drank coffee until her last week of life. Will I be as lucky as her?

addicted to coffee

Addicted to coffee – why stop drinking? Do you want to give up this habit?

Many years ago I decided to give up coffee. I didn’t even realize in the first days that the terrible headaches were because of that. One day my sister came to visit me. She insisted on drinking coffee together. From the moment I drank from the cup, my headache went away. Why stop drinking coffee?

If I knew how, I would dedicate poems and songs to coffee. But I want to tell you something else. Did you know the dangers of coffee pickers? Venomous snakes live where the coffee tree grows. They often bite the pickers. Some arrive at the hospital with serious injuries that leave them crippled for life. Others are not so lucky: they die before they get to the hospital. Have you ever seen what the coffee flower looks like? She is so delicate, white and beautiful!

Because coffee is my little guilty pleasure, I sometimes talk to other people about it. Some people tell me that they like to drink coffee and eat something sweet at the same time. I can’t understand because I love the bitter taste of plain coffee. Other people prefer coffee with all sorts of extra flavors – cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate and so on. I’d rather drink water than spoil the taste of coffee.

If you want to find the best gifts for coffee lovers, I just found a very well written article that will help you choose the best one.

I would love to know what kind of coffee you drink. But tell me how to make coffee. Do you know that in every part of the world coffee is prepared in a different way? So, Lavazza is my favorite coffee brand. Every morning I make a cup of coffee at the coffee maker, on the stove. I drink it at the office, while I read my emails and messages received on Facebook or on the blog. It’s my moment of intimacy, when I can enjoy hot and aromatic coffee. Tell me about yourself and your habit. How do you drink your coffee?

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  2. Haven’t had a cup of coffee in over 10 years, I like the smell of freshly brewed coffee but it makes me feel super hyper if I drink it. Tea drinker and lover through and through, hence my blog ?☕

  3. I love coffee!! I honestly can’t live without coffee. I love everything about it. I try to have at least 2 cups of coffee in a day. Thanks for sharing such a great post ❤️

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