I do not have to go to the gym or dance, because my legs have strong muscles since I live in this house where the kitchen is downstairs and the bathroom upstairs. It happens to me to forget things and then go down and climb stairs 100 times a day. I’m not making my muscular fever anymore. I learned to treat myself with chocolate. Sweets can drive away any pain, be it the muscles or the soul.

It has been established by the researchers that we can not live without love, that we are only living dead if we do not love. But do these researchers know how much pain can sometimes bring love? Do they know how much chocolate is sold through stores just because one or another relationship broke and people suffer?

But I want to tell you a secret: I always liked chocolate. I eat and when something hurts, and when I’m happy, and when I’m craving, and when I watch TV, and when I walk through mountain paths. And, because I remembered the mountain, I would like to ask you: does Scotland have mountains? Are there places where a tourist who trained only on the steps of the apartment can climb without endangering and getting tired?

I love childhood for the mountain, and since then I am used to go, once a year, in a hiking trip on unpaved paths. I take a chocolate tablet with me, because she sweetens my days and makes me see everything in pink. In Scotland I discovered mint chocolate after eight. It reminds me of something from childhood, but I can not figure out what it was.

I had a bad day. I was morally grounded, or, as we say, we had all the crumbling ships. To get through this state, probably caused by the fact that the food I cook here does not have the taste of home, but also because I do not find a job that I like, I ate a lot of chocolate after eight, I wrote about love and I looked at a culinary show.

It still has not passed. I feel like I’ve been lost in a deserted land where there are no people, no plants, no other life. I can not find my way. I do not know where to take to get to the liman. I eat a piece of chocolate and get on facebook. There people have more preoccupations: some make adopting bitter dogs, others talk about food, others just take pictures of them.

I write without stopping. Who am I writing for? First of all for me, to remember over the years that I had a bad day, in which my only consolation was the words about love and chocolate after eight. Then I write for you, the ones you will ever come to my blog and read. Perhaps you will find yourself in my words or maybe you will be amazed at the mockery that I was trying to do.