It was 26 December and we were looking for a tourist destination in Scotland, a place with entertainment or any place to relax for a few hours. What can we visit in Scotland, we asked, and a friend told us that he had heard of Amazonia, a fun park where we can also enjoy an area where animals and plants representative of the Amazon River are gathered. We looked at the internet and Google told us that the amazonia scotland’s theme park was somewhere in Motherwell, two steps from Wishaw, the city where we live. We called a taxi (which took us 14 pounds) and arrived in Amazonia Park in minutes.


M&D’s, Scotland’s Theme Park
Strathclyde Country Park, Motherwell,
Scotland ML1 3RT

Tel: 01698 333 777 Fax: 01698 303 034

What have we found in this amusement park? In the first room, which is huge, there were hundreds of gambling machines where, if youare lucky, you can receive some tickets that could eventually be exchanged for prizes consisting of toys of all kinds, including money box to teach the children (and the adults) to raise money, not to waste their money. But we had a lot of fun there. I tried most of the machines, I gathered a lot of tickets, and at the end I took a small wallet with Pokemon and a ball with which my dog is playing now.

From here we went further to the Amazonia theme park building. A not very large place, but perfectly imitate the conditions of the Amazon tropical rainforest, including heat and humidity in this area of the Earth. Some birds and butterflies were flying freely through the lush plant, and other animals were in pools (multicolored fish) or in aquariums and cages. Fish can be fed by visitors. If you pay a pound (make sure you have money exchanged in small coins), you can receive two servings of food to throw into the pool. It is amazing how all fish gather in the place where they are always fed and lying open, waiting to receive something to eat.

I have seen all kinds of playful monkeys, of relatively small size, hard to photograph because they did not have restless. I would have liked to caress, play with them, and spoil them, but I’m convinced that they would have liked the taste my fingers if they got to them, biting them. At each cage there are also explanations of the habitat of each animal, of what it is eating, how much it lives, how it is multiplied, and so forth, that is, all we need to know about an animal. Around us were some kind of ducks and giant butterflies, for which there is a kind of hospital in Amazonia.

I saw brightly colored brooches, constrictive snakes (boa, pitons, anacondas), bugs, locusts, lizards, tarantula, noisy parrots, tucans, piranha fish, bats etc. The building that houses Amazonia is divided into two areas, one day and another night, so visitors can see the animals as close as possible to the reality of the Amazon rainforest. There were ants in the nocturnal area, but I could not see them, so I can not tell you about them. Neither the phone helped me a lot, so the photos taken at Amazonia are not very successful.

At the exit there is a theme-souvenir shop and plenty of thank-you letters from the kids who were delighted with what they found at Amazonia Park. If you have a trip to Glasgow – Motherwell, do not miss this place of fun, especially because here you will find billiard tables, bowling, restaurant and many more. Prices are very low. For example, the Amazonia entry price for an adult is about 4 pounds. The visitor is stamped on the hand so he can enter and exit as many times as he wants on that day. If you want to see part of the Amazonian tropical forest in the heart of Scotland, do not miss a visit to amazonia scotland’s theme park. Here you can even celebrate your child’s birthday if you want to give him a really special moment. Enjoy!

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