Best Holiday Destination – Sardinia, San Teodoro

Two years ago I was in San Teodoro, Sardinia, for my holiday. I rented a traditional house at Miriacheddu, in a very clean and beautiful area. It was something named “Fai da te”. That means you have to do everything like you are at your own home, “do it yourself”. There is no maid and no room service. We chose to eat at Miriacheddu restaurant, where the dishes are really expensive, but amazing.

They also have the best wine in the world. Sometimes we ate at San Teodoro, a small and lovely town. There are a lot of cheap restaurants, but all of them more expensive than in the UK. So, I think the Best Holiday Destination could be Sardinia, San Teodoro because:

the beaches there are famous all over the world. I love San Teodoro because there are lots of wonderful beaches. The area is surrounded by mountains full of olive trees. The sea water is clear and warm.

   Traveling to Sardinia, Costa Smeralda, San Teorodo

In the summer, after 9 pm, the police close the roads in San Teodoro. Local people put their hand made stuffs on the stalls and you can buy clothes, jewelry, toys, souvenirs. Even if you don’t speak, they know you are not from Sardinia because of your white skin. If you want a nice and quiet place for your holiday, San Teodoro is waiting for you. Sardinia is an Italian territory and also an island. San Teodoro is in the northern Sardinia, in the region called Costa Smeralda, that means Emerald Coast. You have to take the flight to Olbia if you want to go to
San Teodoro.

Pictures from the Best Holiday Destination – Sardinia, San Teodoro

My favorite pictures from my holiday in Sardinia

Best Holiday Destination - Sardinia, San Teodoro

Best Holiday Destination - Sardinia, San Teodoro

What language can you speak if you travel to Sardinia

They speak Sardinian language, but also Italian which I know, so it was easy for me to communicate with them. Sardinian is considered the most conservative Romance language. I don’t know if they know English like Spanish people, but Sardinia is a wonderful island. Isne of the most beautiful in the world. Accommodation is very cheap, but food and services are really expensive.

You have to know there is in Sardinia something named “coperto”. It is an extra pay at restaurants, about 4 euros. It represents the payment for the use of cutlery, the table and also for cleaning afterwards. I love the Italian food.
I am sorry I didn’t have time to visit Sassari, probably the most interesting area of Sardinia. So, there are a lot of beaches full of quartz in all colors, like a rainbow.

Warning: do not take even a small quartz from the beach. Is prohibited by law and you will be punish. Don’t forget Sardinia is a superb island and they try to keep it that way. You will love Sardinia because is a peaceful place. Sardinia means smiling people and amazing beaches, but also very good food.

Best Holiday Destination - Sardinia, San Teodoro

Be careful if you travel to Sardinia

On some beaches you will see activities that are prohibited. They are written in both Italian and English. Something very strange struck me on the beaches of Sardinia: I did not see life! I didn’t see shells, jellyfish, seahorses and green algae. All the algae in the water were dry. Probably in Sardinia they are trying to keep what is left.

But the sand of the beaches in Sardinia is fine, soft, white and very clean. Although I rented a sunbed, I sat on the sand to tan.

Sardinian shepherds came every morning through the holiday village to ask if we wanted cheese and milk. They found me on the terrace of the traditional house. I drink coffee and juice, “Santal Frutti Rossi”, a treat.

If you have the opportunity, go and listen to traditional Sardinian music. I am definitely in love with their music.

Best Holiday Destination – Sardinia

Sardinia, San Teodoro – a nice and clean holiday destination. It is at a distance of only 15 miles from Olbia. The city is big and beautiful and has many shops, so it is worth visiting. We rented a car from the airport. It was a good choice because we could easily move where we needed to. I remember that on the last day we walked through Olbia. We drank the best coffee there and bought the dog a very nice toy from the pet shop.

We had fun because we noticed a strangeness in Olbia. Most of the cars were hit on the left door. The only explanation we found was that drivers usually enter the roundabout at high speed. So be careful if you want to drive in Sardinia. Do you usually rent a car when you go on holiday?

Destination – Sardinia, San Teodoro

I will always love this beautiful island. Look at this Sardinian sun at 5 o’clock in the morning. How could you not love him?

Tell me about your recent holiday. Where you went for your holiday? Was it in a nice area? Describe this. Say whether it was beside the sea, in the mountains, or elsewhere. Describe the tourist attractions in the area. Were things cheaper or more expensive than in the UK? Give some examples.

This is not my first travel article, but the first on my English blog, so don’t judge me too hard.

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  1. […] I traveled by plane from Edinburgh to Sardinia and to Spain, with one stop at London. The prices were reasonable, but I don’t like to fly to long because I need to smoke and I can’t in the airport at London. I usually travel by car. I have a Renault Kadjar from 2016. Regarding the effect on the environment, I think traveling by bicycle is the most friendly way. After that I think is probably the train, car, bus and plane. Even a lot of people are worried about carbon emission, most of us want to live comfortable lives and to travel around the world fast and safe. In my opinion, the only way to reconcile the both goat and cabbage (this is a Romanian saying) is the scientists to find a new type of fuel and to invent something like electric cars. […]

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