RoundWord. This blog written in English gives me emotions every day, most likely because I do not know English well and I do not want to distribute it on social networks, people will laugh at me if they notice that I write wrong. In my native language I like to think I’m writing well, but I do not know if I can ever say the same thing about English.

I do not know how, but people are coming in here sometimes and then I wonder what they found, if they liked my blog, if they would come back to read something else. That’s how I was with my first blog written in Romanian and now I’m proud of it, because it grew nicely and pretty well known in that area. I’m proud of this blog. It’s not easy to write in a language that is not yours and you did not know much about until a few months ago.

Honest to be, I hope that this blog will grow as big and beautiful as it is my blog in Romanian, bring me new friends from all over the world and why not?, even collaborations to be thanked for both me and the companies I will support. To get there I will have to work a lot, write a lot more and better in English, gather a community around the blog, get involved and be open to the new one.

I can say that I am still open to collaborations of all kinds. I can support companies that need to grow and become known on the internet, get on the first pages in google searches, share links with other bloggers at the beginning, can host guest posts on this blog in English . Do not forget that my blog in English is at the beginning. He will grow fast and become strong, because I am determined to get involved, to do my best to make my dream come true.

I can say, from now on, that this blog will soon become a blog in English for business collaborations, besides the fact that it will be a part of my soul that I will write beautiful stories and educational articles as I do my blog in Romanian. I trust in me. I ask you, those who pass by here to read me, trust me that I will succeed, that I will raise this blog in English and make him known, have great authority and be able to support those who they want collaborations with serious bloggers who know what SEO means, what it means to support a company and help it grow and be well seen by the Google search engine.

If you are a blogger and you want us to link exchange, support each other to grow fast and secure, send me a mail. Also, if you are a seo agency or a company that needs articles, blog banners or clean links on a blog in English, you can give me a mail at the address you find in the contact section. I will respond to your mail as quickly as possible and I will seek with you the best solution for the best possible collaboration.

More details about my experience I can give you when we talk by mail.

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