I’m looking for blogs written in English. I have already lost two hours of my life with no satisfactory results. Google brings to my eyes blogs about how to learn or improve your English. I searched for blogs about life and I got back hundreds of blogs of some celebrities. I’m interested in simple people like me and you, not the lying lives of the stars.

I do not know where to start looking to get to what interests me. I do not even intend to spend my last day of my holiday reading hundreds of blogs in the hope that at least one of them has a blog-roll from where to start the selection. I want to read the life stories of others, I want to see what other persons write about people living in other parts of the world, I want to discover new habits, new places and enjoy words.

To be clearer, I must say that I’m not interested in blogs where mothers write about their babies, how they feed them, or how many times a day they change their diapers. I do not want blogs with tips on how to dress, make up or eat. I want blogs with stories, whether inspired from real life or just fantasies. Blogs written by simple people who lead a normal life.

Blogs about life. I am convinced that the Internet is full of them, but I do not know how to find them. Can you help me?