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O carte pentru fiecare de la Libraria Delfin

Probabil te gandesti deja la cadourile pe care le vei face cu ocazia acestui Craciun. Desigur, trebuie sa ii multumesti pe toti si pentru asta este necesar sa alegi, din timp, cele mai frumoase cadouri. Te gandesti la tot felul de lucruri precum haine, bijuterii, gadget-uri, insa parca niciunul din aceste elemente nu iti da siguranta ca ii va bucura pe membrii familiei tale. Te-ai gandit insa ca poti oferi o carte cadou? Cartile sunt daruri binevenite cu orice ocazie.

Cartile nu se demodeaza si pot reprezenta intotdeauna o sursa impresionanta de informatii interesante pentru copii, pariniti si chiar si bunici. Pentru asta, editura Litera, prezenta pe site-ul, a pregatit o selectie uimitoare de carti uimitoare, unele dintre ele chiar substantial reduse, ce pot fi puse cu incredere sub bradul de Craciun. Read More

Homework – write a short e-mail

Homework – Your friend has a bad back. Write a short e-mail to:

-ask how he/she is

offer advice

-ask if he/she needs anything

Hi Elaine

Eva told me you had a backache and that’s why you haven’t been at work the last shift. How are you feeling now? Much better I hope. Are you taking anything for it? I’m going to give you some advice: take some pain killers whenever you have pain (maximum five times daily). Get lots of rest. You should also apply some ointment three times a day. Read More

No, I don’t want to see – having fun at english class

On Friday, at the English class (ESOL level 3), we played in groups – some were doctors and others were patients. The play was intended to help us learn new words and familiarize ourselves with the questions a doctor might ask us and the answers we should give. We have learned how to say in English we have a headache, a stomachache, a back pain and many more. I really enjoyed playing with my colleagues, and even at one point I laughed so hard that everyone stopped talking and waited to tell them why I laugh.

I was the doctor, and Paulina, a nice Polish, was my patient. I asked her what problem she had and she told me she had diarrhea. On the paper I was reading, it was written: I see. Are you allergic to any medication? The moment I said I see, my laugh started and I completed: Read More

New words (for me) in English and queries regarding verb tenses

New words (for me) in English and queries regarding verb tenses

I decided to write on the blog the new words and expressions that I learn in English and, if I have time, to form sentences with them so that I can remember them.

mostly                    as good as gold

shelves                   though

cabinets                 appearance

involves                 errand

apron                    siblings

drawing                 hugely

naughty                 neither do I Read More

A photograph of my family – homework task

A photograph of my family – homework task

“Find one or two photographs of your family. Bring them in to the next class. Be prepared to talk about them.”

I chose a picture with my son and his girlfriend (I will not post it on the blog).

My son’s name is I. He is 25 years old and he works with my husband and me at bakery. He lives in B. with my nephew and one of their friend, O. My son’s hobby is to work and play on the computer, but he has not much time because often he goes outside with his girlfriend A., who is next to my son in this picture.

She is 6 years younger than I. She is Irish, but there is no problem because my son speaks English very well. Read More

A short description of my family – homework

A short description of my family – homework

My husband M., who is … years younger than me, is a funny guy, so we laugh a lot every day in our house in B. One year ago, my son I. moved in his own house in B. He is 25 years old and he wants to be independent. My husband is taller than my son, but I. is M.’s team leader at work.

I’m two years older than my sister R., who lives in Romania with her husband. R.’s eyes are the same color as her son’s G. She is funny, but sometimes she cries because our parents are no longer living. My brother-in-law’s name is R. He is younger than me and taller than my husband. He likes to fix everything in house because he is Read More

First lessons at ESOL level 3

First lessons at ESOL level 3 disappointed us, probably because we expected to learn something, not to be verified in relation to the knowledge we already have. We started the lesson by trying to find out which of our colleagues drank coffee in the morning, who came to school by bus, who slept until late… We were then divided into groups and we took the colleague a kind of mini-interview to find out what his name is, where he is from, if he has children…

We then listened to a short phone call and we were asked to answer some questions about what we had heard. Very few were those who understood something. Later, after the model on the form received, we were asked to write a short text about ourselves – who we are, where we come from, where we work, how old we are. We felt like we were six and went to school for the first time.

The second lesson seemed to be more advanced, but still not enough to give us the feeling that we were learning something. Read More

The national flower of scotland – purple thistle

With each new day I like Scotland more and more. I have always liked the Celtic symbols, without knowing that the Scots are proud of them. Only when I stepped onto this green earth did I find out. The same thing happened with the thistle. I always liked this flower. I recently learned that the national flower of Scotland is the thistle.

I bought the book Life in the United Kingdom to find out more about the country in which I decided to live. I smiled happily when I found, between her pages, a picture with a thistle. How many times have I photographed the thistle in my yard, not knowing that I was actually taking pictures of the national flower of Scotland, the symbol of Scotland?

Read More

There is always a little… behind every…

There is always a little truth behind every “Just kidding“.

There is always a little emotion behind every “I don’t care“.

There is always a little knowledge behind every “I don’t know“.

There is always a little pain behind every “It’s okay“.

There is always a little curiosity behind every “just wondering“. Read More

ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) level 3

Everything is starting from the moment when I choose to go to the college for ESOL, which means English to Speakers of Other Languages. I pass the test and they consider I am level 3, so I will go to the ESOL level 3 this year. My husband and my nephew as well. I checked on internet to find out what means esol level 3. The teacher told me I am level 4-5 to reading and writing, but I am only 2-3 to listening and speaking. As usually when I’m looking for something on internet, I read a lot and I go from information to information, even when I don’t need to do this.

If you are ESOL level 3, that means you can understand what they speak and you can tell them about you, even you make some mistakes, some grammatical errors. You can make sentences linked with “but”, “and”, because”, like me in this article. 😀 You have a limited vocabulary and have frequent hesitations and requests for repetition and clarification when you speak. Don’t worry, if you go to the college for ESOL Read More