Coloring Book with Pictures and Information about Dogs

With gorgeous coloring and interesting and useful dogs information pages, this Coloring Book with Pictures and Information about Dogs makes a great gift for kids. Pair it with crayons to keep kids busy indoors. What’s inside the book:

18 coloring pages and 18 dogs information pages, a start page where the child writes his name, a page with a picture of a real dog (the author female dog, Onyx), the dog that will introduce itself and provide useful information about dogs and an end page that contains questions about what the child has learned from this cute colouring book – it’s packed full of dogs, as well as cute flowers, balls, paws, hearts and objects that dogs like or need.

This coloring book is the perfect and cheap gift for any child of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 years. The coloring activity will keep the children busy for hours, will develop certain skills, and in addition will teach them countless things about pets, dogs and puppies.
Pages contain age appropriate activities.For anyone who loves dogs, let their imaginations soar. Order your copy today.

As many of you already know, I have two dogs that make my life more beautiful. They inspire me every day to be better, more human and to write about them in various ways.

Because I made a coloring book for children with pictures of dogs and various objects that dogs use, I thought it would be good to include in the book various interesting and useful information about dogs.

I hope it will be useful for children and make them love animals, respect them and take care of them.

The book can be ordered from amazon. It is a cheap children’s coloring book. Its price is very low, although the book is totally of good quality inside and with a very beautiful cover, which the children will love.

In the picture on the cover is Onyx, my one and a half year old female dog. She has a very sad story behind her, about which I plan to write in detail one day.

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Coloring Book Information Dogs

Coloring Book with Pictures and Information about Dogs

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