Donations around winter holidays

I like to see the world engaging in noble causes, helping without expecting rewards, and for this reason, when I hear about such actions, I write on my blog to make their deeds known. This evening I was at Tesco for a few shopping. On leaving, as I left the store, I stopped for a second in the district with books donated by others. There I can leave as much money as I want and I can choose the book I want. The money that I and others like me get to some people with cancer. This time, I offered only two pounds for a booklet about Martin’s mice.

A little further, I saw a box in which various dog and cat food was collected. Any person entering the store could leave something good to eat for a being that totally depends on us, the people. Unfortunately, I did not buy for my dog, Bruno, except for chicken, and it did not seem right for my donation, because I do not know how long the food donated to the dog gets and I do not want to send something perishable.

Also at Tesco, I saw tonight a place where any darn person could leave sweets bought from the store. It was not specified who the donation was made of, but I imagined it was for poor children or for the elderly living in the elderly. I was sorry I did not have any cash to myself (I was hurrying), but I promised to go there tomorrow to leave a small donation at each stand, because I want to contribute with a small help for dogs, cats, as well as for sick people, poor children or the elderly who nobody visits at the elderly.

Donations around winter holidays

I do not know if I write correctly in English because I sometimes use google to translate when I do not know a word or I do not remember how to conjugate a verb, but the main idea I think is understood anyway. And the main idea is that in Scotland it can. Why not in other parts of the world? Why do people not give a little of what they have and those who need it and for which we, the ones we can, are their only hope?

We do not have to give up all the wealth we have. Sometimes a small gesture can mean just as much, it can be just as valuable. Some food for a dog that may have suffered from hunger, two pounds for a cancer patient, a pack of sweets for a child or an old man… I know that we do not remember them during the year, that we are busy working and earning money, but at least during the winter holidays we can be more generous, better at heart, more open to the sufferings of others.

I would also like to ask you: do you think about the animals in the shelters? give sweets, books or toys to poor children? donate money for sick people in distress? will you break an hour of life to visit some elderly people? do you at least during the winter holidays make a noble gesture that will bring joy to you and to others?

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