I’ve been working for seven years as a freelancer. I write on my blogs, but also on my clients’ sites. I’ve written paid articles, press releases, essays, paid advertisements, SEO articles, children’s stories, adult stories and more. One of my blogs is very well positioned: DA 45, PA 45. I earn a lot of money with him. It’s a blog written in Romanian.

Do you have an article job and are looking for a experienced and a skilled blogger which can write in whatever form you want? I will be glad to help you and the price of an article written by me will please you. For collaborations or any information I can be contacted at the email address sas.vienela(at)yahoo.com.

Since I moved to Scotland and I started learning a little English, I’ve been thinking of trying to find new opportunities. How to make extra money as a freelancer writing in English? I already knew about the existence of the freelancer site, I had an account opened there. I applied to a few jobs that matched my skills. Of the five attempts I have made, none have ever results yet. I usually write creative, but I can write about almost anything in any required way.

However, there are people who say that you can write as a freelancer and earn money.

For some jobs you have to have some qualifications, so I gave two tests – related to blogging and English. Both paid tests – $ 5 plus taxes each. I bid minimum prices, because on this freelancer platform I am a beginner and I have to win at least one bid to get a good rating and to be able to trust.

At one of the jobs I applied for, I had to compose a text of up to 100 words to prove that I know how to write well, write creatively, understand the job requirements, put some important information into words, but necessarily “OUT OF BOX TOUCH IN YOUR DESCRIPTION “. I like to write and I think I’m good at writing creatively. The fact that I have participated in many creative writing contests and won many of them confirms this. Still, no one answered me on this platform, not even to tell me I was denied.

I’m starting to think it’s a ghost platform, all those job advertisements are false and the only purpose of the platform is that potential job seekers pay to improve their profile, give all sorts of tests to prove their skills in some areas (in my case, blogging and English), tests that cost money. You can sponsor your bids, defend your ad in the first position. You can pay to get a preferential membership where you are promised more opportunities.

I would like to be able to communicate with other people who have accounts on this platform, find out if those jobs are really true if they even managed to earn money on the freelancer or if they also pay in vain to give tests to prove them skills. Maybe I’m mistaken and I do not know how to bid. Perhaps those jobs are real and some people even earn money freelancer. I would love to be so. If you’ve ever earned money by bidding on this platform, please leave a comment.

My skills: copywriting, blog, advertising, article writing, romanian writing, english writing, creative writing, content writing, seo writing. I am good to read well, with intonation in Romanian, so I applied even to such a job. The man asked me for a recording, to hear my voice and the way I read it. He wondered what the final price was. I accepted a smaller amount, but the man did not answer me. What can I understand of all this? That all those who offer jobs there are rude or those jobs are false? What do you think?

Freelancer – Can you earn money if you work from home writing articles? I have no idea if you can make money on freelancer. But I know for sure that you can earn money working from home if you are good at it, if you have a blog to promote yourself and if you are good at writing the SEO rules, so your offers will get on the first pages of google, find those who need articles written on your blog or on their sites. Even this article is written to draw attention to me and to find new opportunities for collaborative online writing on the creative, academic or fictional side. Of course, and to find out if the jobs there are real, because I really care about it.

If you need articles written in a unique way, articles that advertise your store, articles that describe your business, I can help you. If you are interested in guest posts, I can provide you with my blogs, whether you want articles written in English, or that you want articles written in Romanian. I own three blogs on my own domain: two in Romanian and this blog written in English. If you want to collaborate, you can leave me a comment, write me on my email address or on my facebook page.

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