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From what age does old age begin?

I met a man from Poland at work. He likes to talk and has many stories to share with others. He told us one night of a funny story on Polish television when he was a child. The actor who voiced the characters of a children’s show, believing the film ended, cursed the children and the bear whose voice imitates. I enjoyed this happening, so I searched the internet for details and I found out that the bear that the Polish was talking about is the famous Teddy bear, Miś Uszatek in polish.

When I met him, the man in Poland asked me what city I am from. I told him I was from Wishaw, Scotland, because I live here now. He was not interested in it, but he wanted to know the city where I live in my native country, Romania. Ploiesti, I told him. He looked into my eyes and told me he knew this city. I also looked at him with disbelief. Ploiesti is a small town, unknown to many people. How could believe a man in Poland know my city? He spoke to me one word and I immediately understood that he was telling me the truth, that he knew about the city of Ploiesti: the refineries.

Our colleagues have asked him why he is coming to work. An old man should stay at home, enjoy grandchildren and retired life. Wise how this Polish is, he told the girls that as long as he moves he is alive. If he stays home without an occupation, he dies. This is the advice I would give any person who wants to stay physically and mentally healthy for as long as possible.

The stories of this man reminded me of an old woman I once knew (she died a few years ago). She used to tell those who laugh at the old: I will see you when you reach my age. Then she laughed, convinced she would not live until those naughty babies would get old. From what age does old age begin? I would say that every person becomes old when he begins to feel old, when he has no reason to fight and hope, when the future is nothing more than a word full of memories.

I hope I do not get old too fast. I want to live, enjoy life and gather memories. For this reason I left my country at the age of 47. I’m trying to learn English, work and raise money to visit the land south and north, west and east, to gather life stories from both old people and younger people. Stay young in the soul and the whole earth will be yours!

The old age is the beginning of the end.

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