Fun Dog Facts: Coloring Book Children Aged 4-10 years

The book Fun Dog Facts Children aged 4-10 years has 100 pages in which you will find countless information about dogs, representative photos of dogs of different breeds, but also many coloring pages that will delight your child. This cute Coloring Book Children Aged 4-10 years is both educational and funny. Fun Dog Facts is the ideal book for any child.

Fun Dog Facts are a cheap and easy way to make your children happy, whether they are grandchildren, your son or your daughter. It is a complex book, from which children learn how to take care of a dog, what dog breeds are special, but at the same time they will learn to color beautifully, develop their imagination and enjoy the story of the author’s two rescue dogs.

You will find this book with another cover, so you can choose the version that delights your child the most. Check my Author Page on Amazon.

Fun Dog Facts: Coloring Book Children Aged 4-10 years

Fun Dog Facts: Coloring Book Children Aged 4-10 years

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I will tell you a little story about dogs that is absolutely real

I have always loved dogs (and animals in general), despite the fact that my mother was terribly afraid of dogs and tried to keep me from interacting with any animal. My mother said that I could fill myself with fleas, that I risked being bitten, and that was because she had been bitten by a dog in her childhood.

I let my mother talk, but from time to time, when I found a puppy outside (I grew up in Romania, where there are hundreds of thousands of stray dogs), I would take him in my arms and take him home. Not to upset me, my mother allowed me to enter the house with him, but the next day she found a reason to take him back to the street. I suffered after each puppy, but at the same time I learned many things.

When I grew up and moved into my house, the first thing was to take my dog. I have raised many dogs in this life. I currently have two dogs that make my life wonderful.

I wrote this book with children in mind who love animals and want to know more about dogs. Please help me to spread the word, to be able to contribute to the education of children and to their joy of loving dogs.

Fun Dog Facts is a special coloring book that will delight your child and keep him busy for a long time. Inside the book you will find fun dog facts, representative dogs photoscoloring pages with illustrations of some dogs and final questions to help the child memorize some of the information in the book.

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