Future with will

I will + verb                      I’ll + verb

I will not + verb               I won’t + verb

If I feel better, I’ll go shopping with my mum.

If the weather is good, I’ll go to the park to play football.

If it rains, I won’t go out.

If I decide to stay in, I’ll ring you.

If my mum says it’s ok, I’ll come round to your house.

I’ll + verb + …ing

I’ll go hiking this weekend.

I’ll go swimming on Monday.

I’ll go fishing next week.

I’ll do gardening tomorrow.

I won’t +verb + …ing

I won’t go hiking today.

I won’t go jogging on Friday.

I won’t go cycling tomorrow.

I won’t do gardening tomorrow.

Imagine that tomorrow is a bank holiday in the town where you live and that you have no obligations for the day. Complete the following sentences:

1. If it rains I’ll… read a book and I’ll sleep.

2. If it’s sunny I’ll… walk my dogs and I’ll take lots of pictures.

3. If I feel energetic I’ll… paint my walls in the bathroom.

4. If I’m tired I won’t… cook anything, I’ll just order some take away.


English class (ESOL level 3)

I will put in each ESOL article a picture taken here, because Scotland is a wonderful country, which you deserve to see at least through my eyes:

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