Happy women’s day to all ladies in here!
Wishing you all the best! I hope will be a great day for everyone.

I’m curious to find out how women around the world spend this day. I would like to have a English blog known and appreciated by many people so I can get comments and find out what you do, my dear ones, on March 8, no matter where you live.

In Romania women receive flowers and candy or even more expensive gifts. Children give mothers their greetings, as well as small handmade gifts at school. Some companies offer employees a night at the restaurant, sometimes with a male striptease show. Men also offer various gifts to their wives and mothers.

I received from my husband the most expensive gift of my life: a Samsung Galaxy S10 +. I still have not touched it, because it only arrives on March 11 (it’s bought with preorder). I also wishing you to receive whatever you want and even more so.

My son has not given me anything, not even a wish of great day, but that’s because he worked all night and now he’s probably sleeping.

Have a great day everybody! Be happy, it’s Friday, 8 March, International Women’s Day.

A nice picture with happy women’s day: