This is my first post in English, so be merciful and do not criticize me too much. I know I’m going to make a lot of mistakes, but I want to learn to write and spike in English and the blog is a good way to succeed. I live in Scotland since 22 September 2017. I understand almost everything people are talking about, but I can not find my words to communicate with them. For this reason at work I only sit with my mouth shut, which bothers me first. I will try to write as often as possible on my blog and I hope this will help me to improve my English language.

I was thinking to open another blog as soon as I learn English well enough. But why should I wait until when? I probably will not be ever able to write as well as a native. Besides, how can I learn better if I not practice day by day? I will keep these small texts and I will post them on the blog when it will be ready (it is and… done). I would like to see, other the years, how I grow. I don’t care if others will be amused by my mistakes. For me, it is important to learn something at all times, to become better, and at this stage of my life learning English is the main objective.

George Mikes (the name of a Hungarian, isn’t it?), author of How to be an Alien, said at one point it’s easier to write in English than to talk, because you can write without a foreign accent. It is hard for me to write, because I do not master this language quite well, but that does not prevent me from trying. Whether you are from the UK or you live elsewhere in the world, my advice is not to miss the book mentioned above. It can give you some hours of fun. I laughed with tears.

Any morning must coming with a well coffee. The brave ones have across a dog how, wathever be the weather, want to be remove outside when the sun light. At return wait me four cats with appetite for life and for game. I can’t refuse them.

The persons ones who read my blog would even article for read at coffee, so I hurry up I write anything, whatever. The noon find me tired, hungried and willing to lay on bed. But I can’t do this until I don’t learn some words in English.

Tomorrow I want to do more: I plan to translate this text from Romanian in English. I know will be a lot of mistakes, just like that I know just practice I will learn. Let’s see! – This is my first small text written in English, about two months before I buy the Round Word field. I kept him in a word document until today. He briefly describes a small part of my life in Romania.

For now, I do not have the power to write from my head, but I use google translation. If this program fails, I’m wrong too. However, this does not prevent me from wishing you Welcome to my blog, Round Word!

(the sun in Scotland, on October)

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