Write a description of what you do on a typical weekend. Try to include the following linking words: first of all, then, next, after that, after …ing, before …ing, later, finally.

There is no weekends for me because I always work 4 days on, 4 days off. When I’m off, first of all I have a coffee and 2 cigarettes. I usually smoke Romanian Pall Mall superking, but now I got kent 8, so I smoke 3 cigarettes.

Then I go with my dog Bruno for a walk. He often bark to the other dogs. Because of this, I prefer to walk him on places where rarely we meet dogs.

Next I have a shower. I always enjoy the hot water after being outside. I often think the scottish cold weather will kill me one day.

After that I have another coffee while I read the newspapers online. I usually read articles from BBC and Digi24 to know what happens in my country and in the world. After reading the newspapers I sometimes write an article on my blog and chat with my sister.

Before eating I have to prepare my lunch, but I hardly do this if I’m tired. I sometimes go to Hot Flame for lunch, especially on Friday, after English classes.

Later I visit my son who lives in Blackburn. I often find Alsyia there. She’s my son’s girlfriend and she’s Irish.

Finally, before going to bed I check if Bruno gets fresh water and if the main door is locked because I often read on facebook lothian groups about persons who try to entry in people’s homes.

I never fall asleep before reading a few pages of a book.

I will put in each article about ESOL a picture taken here, because Scotland is a wonderful country, which you deserve to see at least through my eyes:

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