How to create a website? How much does it cost?

9 years ago, when I created my first blog on my own, I knew absolutely nothing except that I wanted to write and that I needed a place on the internet to do that. How to create a website? How much does it cost? those were the first questions I asked myself.

I asked my son to help me, but he just laughed out loud, convinced that a woman over 40 has nothing to do on the internet and especially to manage a website. His reaction made me ambitious. I wanted to prove to him that I can and that I will succeed.

I spent an entire night looking for information on the internet about how to create your own website and how much it costs. I found out that you can create your own blog for free. It is not at all difficult to do this, but at that time I did not speak English and all the explanatory terms were in this language.

How to create a website on blogger (blogspot)

Yes, it’s free to create a website, but if you’re totally inexperienced, like I was 9 years ago, it costs you time and headaches. I barely knew how to create an account on any platform. I chose blogspot ( because it was the first platform that got in my way.

I started by creating a google account. Then I went to and chose the website name. I had a blog, but I didn’t know how to proceed. Luckily the blogger is an intuitive platform and my steps were guided by precise directions.

I chose a simple template and started writing blog articles. Careful! Without me making any settings. I was so incompetent. After about two months, another blogger saw my website and said that in the dictionary, next to the word “ugly” was a picture of my blog. With the help of this boy, I made a new website, on my own domain (.ro, representative for Romania), a beautifully arranged blog. But I did not abandon the blog on blogspot.

How to build a website on wordpress

I had two blogs, one on blogspot and one on wordpress, but I didn’t know how to set the last one to work perfectly, even though I had been writing there for a year already. So that I don’t make any fatal mistakes, I preferred to make another blog, the third one, on the free platform Here I made various settings, until I learned what the steps are to have a functional website.

The steps you need to follow to create a website are the same no matter what platform you choose. After you create your account on that platform, you need to choose a name for your website, a blog template and create pages, categories, choose the plugins you need and set them so that everything is beautiful and especially functional.

How to create a website on my own domain?

Here things are a bit more complicated, because you will have to register on the chosen platform and choose a domain name. Then you will have to pay to own that domain to one of the companies that sell something like that. You will have to choose a company that offers hosting for websites because otherwise the blog will not be able to be seen online. You also pay for hosting, of course.

I use a Romanian company for hosting because it offers me the security I need, it offers me technical support when needed and the prices are very low.

I suggest you choose the wordpress platform because it is easy to use and offers you everything you need for a functional website. You should know that in recent years google has become very demanding and requires website owners to comply with the rules on data privacy and cookie policy. Also, the website must have the highest loading speed and be easy to use by users.

How much does it cost for someone to create a blog for you?

I know, if you don’t know how and you don’t have the time or desire to learn, all this can seem very difficult to achieve.

You can try to create your own website. You will probably struggle a little at first, but in time you will be able to learn how to set up your website. You can also use the services of a company specialized in this field. They will give you the website you want, but it will cost you quite a lot.

I read somewhere that the average price for building a website is around £ 200. I suspect that this price represents the creation of a blog for beginners.

I can help you create your own website. Find out how much this will cost you

I can help you create a website, whether you choose the blogger or wordpress platform and whether you want a free website or one on your own domain (as Round Word is on .com domain).

You will need an email address, a google and / or wordpress account. You will have to choose a name for your website, preferably as short and representative as possible. I can take care of the rest, following your instructions, in case you have certain preferences (template, colors, font settings, etc.).

How much will this cost you? It is difficult to set an amount before discussing the details with you. All I can guarantee you right now is that the price will be lower than average. For example, for a free website for beginners (you can see here my Romanian blog about books) on the blogger platform, the price will be £ 80. Of course, the more complex you want a website, the higher the price. I’m not just referring to my services here, but I guarantee you that this is happening anywhere in the world.

I can also offer you discounts. If you recommend me to a friend and he pays me to create a website for him, you will receive £ 10. The more clients you bring me to work with, the more money you will make on the internet without much effort.

How to create a website? How much does it cost? Now that you have an idea on this subject, if you want me to help you can contact me at the email address sas.vienela(at)

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How to create a website? How much does it cost?