How to find inner peace and happiness within yourself

Inner peace is very important for each person. You can’t be happy and you can’t enjoy life if there are fights inside you. When you are nervous, sad, angry, hostile, everything around you seems to be the same as your mood. You don’t like anything, nothing satisfies you. That is why it is important to find your inner peace, peace of mind.

I will tell you the real story of a man who was on the verge of suicide because of the upset that disturbed his inner peace. It is about a man who has been my co-worker for many years and whom I have seen transformed from a cheerful and lively young man into a grumpy, angry, neglected man who he was always upset.

Gordon fell in love with Megan the way he saw her. They were both young, beautiful, and cheerful. They liked to walk, to go to various shows, to do many activities together. They cooked, played sports, visited sights in their area and so on. They seemed like a perfect couple.

Only three months after their relationship began, they decided to get married. They started raising money for the wedding. At each salary they bought something for the big event – Gordon bought a generic suit, Megan bought a wedding dress, beautiful and elegant shoes, and even ordered a Guest Book.

Nothing foresaw the storm that would hit the handsome Gordon. The young people lived their lives as a couple. They had begun to give up certain small pleasures in order to be able to raise money for the wedding faster. They were determined to unite their destinies as soon as possible.

One morning, Gordon came to work absolutely devastated. He seemed destroyed inside. He was crying like a child. He took his face in his hands and asked: why? why?

Of course, no one answered him, because no one knew what had happened. After a while, he calmed down and managed to tell us. Megan, his girlfriend, the woman of his life, his future bride, had left home. She had left him. She had stolen all the money they had raised in almost a year, and even taken her wedding dress, shoes, and so on.

She had left a Gratitude Journal on the kitchen table. On the first page she had written, by hand, a thank you for everything. That was all he had left as a memory of his beloved woman.

From that moment on, Gordon’s decline began. He no longer shaved, rarely washed, no longer smiled, and began to drink. He didn’t talk to other people unless they asked him something. He no longer initiates discussions and no longer participates in the discussions of others. His gaze seemed to pass through you, going somewhere far away, where his lost love had remained.

At that time, I changed my job and didn’t know anything about Gordon. In myself, I was convinced that time would solve them all, that he would find another girlfriend and forget about Megan, who had made fun of his love.

I met Gordon a year later, on the street. He shone. He was as cheerful as ever, talking a lot and laughing with his mouth and eyes alike. I was surprised by such a change and asked him how he managed to get through the Megan episode.

His face suddenly twisted, his eyes lost their brightness, and the ghost seemed to return to his life. Here is his real, true story, as Gordon told me:

-I couldn’t recover after breaking up with Megan. I dreamed of her every night. I saw her in every woman I met. I hated her and loved her at the same time. I felt like I would have been able to kill her with my own hands if I met her. I drank a lot, trying to forget that I had known and loved her with all my being.

One night, drunk and in despair, I wanted to kill myself. I consider it the only way I can get rid of suffering. I cried a lot and wondered what would be the fastest and safest way to leave this infernal world, in which I could no longer and had no reason to live.

I went out of the house and walked the streets in a daze, not knowing where I was going. Near the train station, I came up with the idea of ​​throwing myself in front of a high-speed train. I started to hurry. I wanted it to end faster.

A thought that probably came from despair made me look up at the sky and say in my mind: God, if you want me to live, give me a sign. If my life on this earth means anything, give me a sign, Lord.

After a few steps, I met my sister, whom I had not seen for a year. She was scared when she saw me. I didn’t want to tell her what I had planned to do, but she seemed to feel it. She asked me if I wanted to go to church together. Then I realized that this was the sign God had sent me. The Lord wanted me here on earth. My time had not yet come.

I felt resurrected. My life has changed for the better. I found the courage to fight and enjoy every moment. Of course, all this did not happen in a second, but now I had and still have a motivation. God told me clearly that I must live, so I listen to him.

I don’t drink anymore, I work, I go on holiday, I read, I relax, I help other people. I enjoy sitting on the couch in the evening and reading passages from the Bible. I bought an adult colouring book with Bible verses. It relaxes me to colour and also to learn the verses. That’s how I found my inner peace and re-learned to live my life.


How to Find Inner Peace

How to Find Inner Peace

How to find inner peace and happiness within yourself

How to Find Inner Peace

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How to Find Inner Peace

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