How to Plan the Perfect Picnic in the UK

We can go on a picnic this summer. But How to Plan the Perfect Picnic in the UK? To be perfect, a picnic must have everything it needs, right? But above all, it must give us the pleasure we expect from such an event. Here are some tips and tricks to make your picnic perfect.

If we take advantage of these sunny days, we can spend quality time alone, with family or partner.

Going on a picnic

For more than two months, since we have been in lockdown, the weather in the UK is beautiful. The days are very hot, even in Scotland. The sun stays in the sky all day, uncovered by clouds. It rarely happens that the wind blows. Rain in the UK? Not at all. Not in the last few months.

People follow the instructions to stay two meters away from others. They live their lives in their homes and their backyards. Here, in the area where I live, everyone repairs fences mow the grass, paints various things, and makes barbecues in the evening.

We all miss getting out of our homes. We want to go on holiday. Let’s enjoy life. But how do we do that, if coronavirus continues to be a danger to all of us, young and old, healthy or sick? Going on a picnic, of course.

What does it mean to go on a picnic?

It means going somewhere outdoors, in nature, to eat and have fun with whoever you want. Usually, each participant brings something to eat or drink. People sit on the blankets, on the ground, eat, tell stories, listen to music, tell jokes, have fun. It is ideal to look for the most scenic surroundings.

My advice is to go on a picnic in the morning after the sun has warmed the earth a little or at sunset when the sun doesn’t burn too much.

In some areas, you can find places specially designed for picnics. There you can grill, have water faucets, garbage containers, and restrooms.

What kind of food can you take with you for a picnic?

Generally, people prefer to take finger food. However, taking into account the current circumstances and the danger of COVID 19, it would be preferable to still have plates, forks, spoons, so as not to put your hands in your mouth.

Some people take sandwiches, cold meats, soft drinks, fruits for the picnic. Others take steaks, salads, and beer from home, but I do not recommend such a thing. There is no specific rule for the food you can take with you at a picnic. It is important to have enough food, plenty of fluids because the days are sunny and the body dehydrates quickly.

You can take the lemonade with you in a jar. Put in a few slices of lemon, strawberries, a few raspberries, and mint leaves.

Picnic aesthetic ideas

Usually, ladies like to arrange picnic food nicely. I fold it in beautifully colored kitchen towels, place it in woven baskets, arrange it aesthetically on the plates placed on the blanket.

For the picnic photos to be as aesthetic as possible, I recommend you to choose objects that are as light as possible and that fit well with the woven basket in which you put the food. Also, a set of wine glasses will be very nice in the pictures. We all want to take the most successful pictures we can brag about on Pinterest and Facebook, don’t we?

For a greater aesthetic impact, I recommend that you have a vase with you to put some wildflowers. Fruits should not be missing from the picnic. Also, sun hats and sunglasses that offer you sun protection should not be missing. A large umbrella can be very useful, under which to shelter from the sun, if you go for a picnic at noon. You can also take pillows with you, to stay on the ground as comfortably as possible.

Which is the most suitable picnic outfit

Usually, I recommend girls to wear clothes in which they feel good. However, because today we are talking about the right clothes for the picnic, I want to offer some tips for which you will thank me later:

-No matter how good it fits in your short skirt, molded on your body, don’t dress with it when you go on a picnic. Sitting on the blanket, you will always feel the need to pull down the skirt. Instead of focusing on fun, you’ll focus on the skirt that will keep rising, revealing things you may not want to show.

-If you go on a picnic on a sunny day, don’t dress in dark clothes. You will attract all the sun, it will be hot, you will dehydrate and you will not feel good.

-Do not wear high-heeled shoes when going on a picnic. Choose comfortable shoes, preferably something in which the feet can be ventilated. I recommend wearing flat-soled sandals.

-Choose light, light-colored clothes, and protect yourself at all costs from the sun. A woven straw hat is ideal for a picnic. It protects you from the sun and fits very well in the landscape. Plus you’ll get some great pictures.

Where we can go on a picnic

How to Plan the Perfect Picnic in the UK? For the picnic, you can go wherever you want, of course. However, it is best to choose a field full of flowers, in the park or a green hill. You can have a picnic in your yard.

For a romantic picnic for two, I recommend going to the beach. The best time for a romantic picnic is in the evening when the sun is no longer hot. Take scented candles with you to light the wine glasses and flowers arranged on the blanket.

The most beautiful photos that represent a picnic

As I said somewhere, I live in Scotland, UK. This is my house now. I dreamed for three years of sun and good weather. I would have liked to go on a picnic, to have fun outside the house, to enjoy this wonderful country. When my dream came true, I couldn’t get out because of the coronavirus.

How to Plan the Perfect Picnic in the UK

Only today I decided to go in my backyard. Not for the picnic, but only for pictures to illustrate this article about the picnic. I would have liked to reach the sea, but it is more than five miles away from us, so I have to wait. I managed to take the most beautiful photos that represent a picnic. Maybe others are better, but the ones you see here are mine and I’m very proud of them.

How to Plan the Perfect Picnic in the UK? Just go outside and enjoy the sunshine!

What I took with me at the picnic

In a jar, I made lemonade from yellow lemon, lime, strawberries, raspberries, mint leaves, water, and a little natural orange juice.

A box of peeled and diced fruit, some of which I put on a plate.

Many kinds of muffins. For photos, I used only two of them.

I made a kind of Spanish tapas from bread, prosciutto, mozzarella, and roasted tomatoes and a parsley leaf for a nice look.

Cheese twists, biscuits, pistachios.

A twig of lilac.

A sun hat, sunglasses, a book, a camera.

Two glasses, a kitchen towel, and a blanket on which I placed everything.


How to Plan the Perfect Picnic in the UK

How to Plan the Perfect Picnic in the UK

You decide when, where, and how to go on a picnic. You can follow the tips in this article or you can create your own rules, according to your taste. It is important to tell us a story, to inspire us for the next picnic.

How to Plan the Perfect Picnic in the UK

Last but not least, you remember that the picnic does not only mean drink and food, but especially quality time spent with family, your boyfriend or girlfriend or your loved ones. It’s about fun, about spending part of the day in nature and relaxing. The picnic will be perfect as long as you have what you want and especially who you want next to you.


My advice is to take enough water with you to wash your hands, disinfectant gel, garbage bags, kitchen towels, and toilet paper.