How to write a good article – tricks that will help you

I have written thousands of good articles. About me I can tell: I have been working as a blogger for eight years. During this time I have written thousands of articles both for my blogs and for other publications. I could say, without false modesty, I know what to do. So, I have gathered enough experience to be able to give others advice on how to write a good article. How to write a good article – tricks that will help you

This is exactly what I will do in the following lines. As you can see, I started with a subtitle and a short introduction in which I said a few words about myself. You can start by writing general things about the topic that interests you. I will teach you how to write a good article. Here are some tricks that will help you.

Write a correct and attractive article

Now we can go into details about how to write a good article that is beautifully arranged on the page. As you can see, after each paragraph I put a new subtitle that says in a few words what I will write next. I always make sure to underline the subtitle by pressing the “bold” button. Of course, in order to write a correct and attractive article, you must have a good command of the language in which you write and the field in which you write. We will discuss this a little later. You can document yourself in advance, of course. And check yourself constantly to make sure you don’t have grammar mistakes.

Cut the article into short paragraphs

Anyone can write on the internet and many do it even if they are not very good at it. But those who follow the rules and write correctly, clearly, well-informed will always be successful. It is absolutely necessary that the article you write is well structured. Why? Because that the public can easily find the information they need. It is also very important to write relevant information and divide the article into paragraphs as short as possible. Every time you move on to a new idea you have to start a new paragraph. When you cut the article into short paragraphs, you give readers time to think about the ideas you wrote. You give them the opportunity to easily find what they are looking for.

Precise and specific information

Try to use words that are as simple as possible, so that everyone who reads the article can understand you. At the same time it is important that the text you write has a strong message. You have to convey exactly what you want, to have precise and specific information. Try not to write articles that say nothing just for the sake of writing. So, don’t use too many words to get your idea or ideas understood. Summarize your text to what really matters. You don’t have to make flowers on paper, as a Romanian saying goes. That means you don’t have to beautify the text just for the pleasure of writing.

Be useful to others

Always write about the things you really know, otherwise people will realize that they have not reached a good quality article and will quickly leave the publication where you posted the article. You don’t want that to happen, do you? Write in such a way as to give people something of what you already know, to be useful to others. You can write well-documented articles about the things you are good at, just as you can write articles to show them what you have learned from your own mistakes. The personal example is the one that always reaches the reader, because many are found in the life stories of others.

Make the reader enjoy the story

Write with your soul, write with all your heart, write as if you were talking alone or with your best friend. To write articles that reach the souls of readers or, if you have to write about cars, for example, is not easy. You have to write in such a way as to reach the minds of readers, to help them understand what a car is. Explain what it is used for, why spoils and how it can be repaired. Write in such a way that you like to read the article. Reread it and ask yourself: if I found this article on the internet, would I read it to the end or would I abandon it after the first paragraph? Write in such a way as to keep the reader on your page, to make him enjoy the story and he wants to come back.

How to write a good article - tricks that will help you

Write as much as you can

Do not forget! The more you write, the more experience you gain. Only by writing a lot can you become better and you can write better and better articles, articles that will be useful to others, that will make them happy and that everyone can say that they are really attractive. Write. No one was born learned. We all learn throughout life. Sometimes we make mistakes, but even from mistakes we learn, so you write as much as you can and don’t forget to follow the rules you found in this article. If it was useful to you, you can distribute it to be useful to others. Do you think this is a good article?

18 thoughts on “How to write a good article – tricks that will help you”
  1. Handy Tips! I agree that you have to write about what you know. People can pick up on something that you don’t know well enough to write about, and it really shines through in the writing style.

  2. Ahh yes to the simple wording, so often I read blogs that are far too indepth and try to use clever wording rather than writing in the way in which they would speak. We are supposed to be relateable.

  3. Wonderful advice. I do find that the more passionate I am about a subject, the easier a post is to write. But sometimes if I am stuck, it helps to write paragraph headings to get a feel for the shape of an article before padding it out.

  4. I loved when you said to ‘write with your soul.” Writing is so personal and so it makes sense to dig deep to come up with your best writing. Good tips, thank you!

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