I do not know if people offer donations for dogs in SPCA shelters, but I liked the way these animals are promoted to find each one of them the owner and the right home. I received a letter at home that I was asked to donate some money to the animals in the care of the SPCA. I entered curiosity on their site and there I could see every dog waiting to be adopted by loving people. I really liked Alfie, a black dog I would have taken home if I had enough money and other conditions.

I invite you to look at the animals in the care of the SPCA and eventually to donate some money, because only with the help of these dogs will they be able to live a good life, they will be protected from the torments that the dogs in the shelters Romania. In Scotland, dogs are well cared for in shelters, they have sufficient food, they are entitled to veterinary services and nobody is beating them, as is the case in my country, where the suffering of the dogs in the shelters breaks your heart.

Honestly, I’d like to see people get more involved and donate not only to Scotland dogs but also to those in Romania. All the souls are. They have unimaginable torments and terrible death. I would like those dogs to be adopted, taken out of those extermination camps where cold, hunger and fear drove them crazy.

I would like to have people who have time and fun to open sites where they post their pictures and life stories so the world can see and help them. There is a huge difference between the conditions in which dogs in Scotland and dogs in Romania are kept in shelters. I will not put pictures, because I do not want to terrify anyone, but just to draw attention to the fact that the world is not all pink, as on the earth some animals endure unbearable torments without any blame except that they were born in the wrong country.

Please do not miss out on this article blog. I have described here, in short, what is happening in my country. I do not want to go into details. You can always find them on the internet if you want. I only hope that you will share the article and talk to all of the dogs living in the Romanian shelters, because their only hope is the few people who are miserable to break away in time to go and feed their food, fresh water and a caress. I still have hope from you, those outside of Romania, whom you could adopt to get rid of a sure, terrible death.

Please read my article about Scotland dogs to see how great I am about the way you treat your animals. You will understand better the prayer I ask you to adopt dogs from Romania. I have chosen to donate money to Mr. Purdel, who has a private shelter at Racoasa, Romania and cared for the animals, although he does not have too much money. If I had enough money and space, I would adopt more dogs, get rid of them. For now I can not afford it. I have only one dog, Bruno. I took him off the street when he was four months old. He is now three years old and I hope he is still healthy and happy to give him a better life.

My dog Bruno:

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