My First Complaint in the UK

I improve my English by learning very hard

Two months ago I had to choose a website from the Internet to write my homework about how to make a complaint. I chose a pet shop I already knew because I often order food for my dogs from it. Ten days ago I ordered a crate and an odor remover solution for my carpet from the same website.

You know, I got a puppy and I had to train her to pee outside. They told me my order will arrive on 24th of April. On 14th I decided to remove the crate from my order because I didn’t need it anymore. My little Onix found out by herself where to do her needs.

I wrote an email telling them my decision. They said they canceled my order and refunded it. The next day they sent the crate and the solution to me. I was so angry. It’s normal, I think. I thought they wanted to sell their items even though I didn’t need them anymore. Probably because I’m Romanian. I sent another email to them. Do you think I improve my English by learning very hard?

I was really rude.

“Shame on you, guys! I asked you to cancel my order, you told me you canceled the order and now you sent it. Also, one of the items is open, as you can see from the photo I attached.”

They explained to me that I didn’t need to pay for the items because it was their mistake. I could keep, use or donate them. I was ashamed and I told them I didn’t want to keep the crate as I didn’t need it. Shame on me. I just wanted to send it back to the pet shop. Only the crate, because the solution was damaged. More than that, my brother-in-law used the solution on my carpet while I walked my dogs.

Here you can see their answer: “Honestly, please don’t worry about the solution or the fact that it’s been used. We would never expect you to pay for something that’s arrived damaged. So you don’t have to return this or pay for it. Please do feel free to use what’s left of it, far better than it going to waste.” Today they collected the crate from my house.

I keep improving my English

I’m really sorry for this event, but at the same time I’m happy because I was able to solve this problem by myself, without any help from others. That means I keep improving my English, so I don’t need my son’s help to speak to others when I want to solve something. I know, I have to work more and more to get where I want, but I’m on the right way.

It is sad I can’t go to college during this self- isolation period, but I try to do my best at home by learning online. It’s not the same, because I often need someone to explain me things, but there is Adi, one of my friends, who sometimes helps me.

Adi lives in England. He used to work as an engineer in Romania, but now he runs his own business in Swindon. I can also ask my son, Ionuț; he speaks English very well. He works as a Senior Operator at a bakery here in Bathgate.

I improve my English by learning very hard.

In this picture you can see my black puppy Onix and my 5 years old Bruno (he’s in the background).

I improve my English by learning very hard