My black cat was a beauty. Whoever saw her fell in love with her. Her green eyes sprouted the hearts, and her black fur nourished her thoughts. She had a slim body, gymnast. She had long legs and sharp ears. Unfortunately, I did not have time to take too many pictures. I have too few memories left from the black cat that was my friend for a day.

I like all the animals and sometimes I get involved in saving them. This time, I ask you to help me, because I lost the black cat in Edinburgh and I want to find her. I miss her every day. Sometimes I wonder if she is hungry, thirsty or cold, if she misses the streets or stays in the house, to the heat. Or could she stay where I left it next to the Edinburgh castle?

Please help me! I lost the black cat and I want her back. I put it on a panel near the castle, took a few pictures, then left. I know, you will argue, but I even forgot the cat there, because the beauty of the Edinburgh castle had fed me. Do not judge me too harshly. I am the first to judge alone for this unforgivable mistake. Now I want to fix my mistake and find my kitten.

If you went through Edinburgh and stopped taking pictures on the steps leading to the castle, if you found my black cat, please give it back to me. It’s my cat and I love her. It was a black cat bought from Tesco for Halloween. I do not remember how much money I paid for it and it does not matter. It just matters that I want it back, because I liked it a lot.

If you saw the black cat somewhere, if you heard someone find it, please let me know urgently. She was the most beautiful cat in the world and it was mine. I want it back!

Do you know how painful it is to lose a soul that you love from all your heart? Do you know how to feel guilty day and night? Do you know what it is to think that the being you love is suffering from cold, hunger, thirst, fear? If you know, please share this article until my suffering reaches the one who found the black cat in Edinburgh next to the castle.

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