I’m looking for authors for my English blog

Who am I? I’m a blogger. I’m a 49 years old Romanian woman and I live in Scotland. I’m looking for authors for my English blog. I’m going to college to ESOL level 3 course (English for Speakers of Other Languages). No, I’m learning at home by myself for the moment due to coronavirus pandemic. It is so difficult…

I like to think I’m good enough to speak and write in my own language. In the last 8 years I wrote more than 5000 articles on my blogs, but also for another websites, as a content writer. I also used to work as a blog author for a huge Romanian website dedicated to mother and child.

When I have time, I do nothing more than writing. But to write in English is not the same. I need to know more and more words, I have to learn everything about verb tenses, I need more time to do all this. I’d like to meet native speakers to steal their secrets, to find out more sayings, to learn their really English. I’ll give you an example: at school we learn the words “can” and cannot” or “can’t”, but my Scottish teacher told us they say “canny”. So, I canny learn to speak English like a native by myself. 🙂

My English blog

I started this blog on November 2017, two months after I moved to Scotland. I was sure it would be very easy to learn English, but two years and a half later I’m still learning as you can see. I own two more Romanian blogs, so I don’t have enough time to write on them this period because I have to train my new puppy all she needs to know.

I don’t want to close this blog. I hope one day I’ll be able to write like a native. This is my big dream and I work hard to turn it into reality. I was writing an article on my Romanian blog when I realized I can’t grow this blog by myself. I know, my blog is not a big website, I’m not a big publisher, I can’t pay you for your job, but we can grow together.

I’m looking for authors for my blog

I don’t want this blog to die. I love it. Here I wrote my first thoughts in my bad English and I like to think here I will write sometime in the years to come in a very good English. Could you help me to keep this blog alive, please? I’m looking for authors for my blog. I’m looking for bloggers, but not only.

Looking for guest bloggers to contribute to my blog. I’m working on increasing my content output. Doesn’t matter who you are or what you want to write about. If you want to write and to have your own space here as an author, just tell me at [sas.vienela(at)yahoo.com] or even in a comment below.

I'm looking for authors for my English blog

We can grow together with this blog

Just think, please. This blog is already two years and a half old. You don’t need to write every day, but only when you have time, when you want. You don’t need to pay for it. You can write everything you like. You can put your own link in each article you write. Let’s grow together!

But even if you don’t like to write on my blog, please share this article, maybe we can find someone who thinks it is a good idea. Let’s try!

Could you help me to find some authors for my blog, please?

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