Life with two dogs is hard, but wonderful

Life with two dogs. I have two rescue dogs from Romania, my country. The male is 5 years old. He’s so kind with us and with all our friends, but is difficult to walk him because he doesn’t like other dogs, so he always barks and pulls on the leash. I tried to train my dog by myself without success. Some months ago I hired a dog trainer. She told me what I already knew. It doesn’t help me. Bruno still pulls on the leash and barks to the other dogs. But he’s my sweet dog, so gentle and affectionate with us. I love him so much! Life with two dogs is hard, but wonderful.

Life with a black female puppy

I also have Onix, a 7 months old puppy. She loves us very much and we love her to the moon and back. My puppy likes to give us lots of kisses and she knows the word “kiss”. She learns everything from my old dog Bruno, so I don’t need to train her hard. Onix always looks at him to see what he’s going to do. She has 17 kilos, but she’s still skinny. My puppy’s growing very fast.


Life with two dogs

How is life with two dogs? Hard, very hard. If you don’t want to get up in the morning, often before the sun arise, don’t choose a dog as a pet. I worked a lot on the computer and I didn’t go out at all. Thanks to Bruno, I leave the house with pleasure, I am no longer sedentary. If you like to stay in bed in the evening, watching tv, again don’t take a dog.

Why life with dogs is hard

If you don’t like to clean up after your dog, leave them to others. Dogs sometimes feel sick, sometimes damage your stuffs, especially when they are puppies, sometimes bring mud in your house, sometimes they cry and you don’t know why. If you can’t stand all of this, you don’t need a dog. Life with two dogs is hard, but wonderful.

Life with two dogs is wonderful

But remember! If you have dogs, life is wonderful! They love you more than you deserve, more than their own life and they always want to please you. If you train your dog, you will be a happy person. Just get up in the morning, go for a walk with your dog and play with him as long as you can. At home as well, they are so funny… They play with you, but also with their toys. Dogs can play with a plastic bottle or a small rock or even just pretending they have a toy.


Life with two dogs

Dogs are waiting for love

My dog Bruno wants to protect me from others, dogs, cats or people. Often when my husband take me in his arms Bruno looks at him as if he saying “I’m here, watching you. Be careful, dad!”. Bruno can’t sleep without me. He stays near my desk waiting I finish my work. He can’t stays in bed to long either because he get warm. Bruno has 35 kilos, is a large size dog. You know? Even he’s so big, he is very gentle with us, he doesn’t want to hurt us. Onix, to the other hand, steps on us like we are not there or we don’t feel anything. Nevertheless, she’s always happy to say sorry and to give us lots of kisses. She lives her life loving and waiting for love.

In my opinion, if you want a dog, if you are an active person,  alone or want more fun in your life, then get a dog.

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