Lockdown activities that I do regularly

Coronavirus pandemic affects us both physically and mentally. Humanity is going through profound changes that affect us all, whether we realize it or not. The coronavirus pandemic forces us to stay home, trying to spend time with something. Unfortunately, this affects us both physically and mentally. Due to lack of movement, because we do not have the freedom to go where we want, it’s difficult to enjoy something. It is very important that these days we find activities that help us get over the lockdown. In this article you can find out the lockdown activities that I do regularly.

              Free time at home during the lockdown period

I will try to talk from my perspective and that of my family in the first place. But I will also give you some other tips and ideas for spending free time at home during the lockdown period. For example, we do not have small children in the house. But there are many families who strive to keep their children busy and in good mental condition. We don’t have any elderly or vulnerable people to take care of. But I know how important it is for them to have activities that keep their morale high. Also, it’s important to keep their health in the best possible condition.

                  A source of inspiration for the lockdown period

I want to be a source of inspiration for as many people as possible, because this is one of the goals of those who open their blogs. To be useful to others and to share their ideas with others. All the bloggers should be a good example for those around and for all their readers. I know that it is not an easy goal to achieve because we, humans, are different. We have different concerns and passions, we see life through other lenses.

                A better life

What should motivate you reading me is first and foremost my desire to move forward. I want to become the best version of myself, to have so many different activities during the day. You know, I don’t want to get bored. Do you believe that this lock down is a curse? For me is important to keep my health and appetite for life. My need is to continue dreaming of a better life and to fight to get what I want.

Lockdown has taught us anything its’s that the simplest things are the most important.

                    Stay safe

I am Romanian and live in Scotland with my husband, sister and brother-in-law and two dogs. Just two miles from my house, my son lives with my sister’s son. We can’t meet, but we often talk on the phone and on the internet. Often we inform each other about everything that interests us. Every day we joke and look forward to the day when we can hug. We are in no hurry, because we prefer to be safe. Even if far from each other, to respect the rules and to be proud in the end. Why? Because we contributed with our little to the eradication of the virus.

              Activities that I do regularly in lock down

Because I don’t work during this period, I spend most of my time at home. I only go out when I have to take the dogs for a walk and 2-3 times a day in the yard. You know why? Because one of the dogs is a puppy and she needs to go outside more often. I always take advantage of the fact that I go out in the yard to take pictures outdoors. I photograph landscapes that can be seen in the distance. We live in a house built on top of the hill. So, we have a beautiful view even from the window. I also photograph the dogs 1000 times daily. But I also take pictures of various things from the house. You can see on my blog how artistically I arrange them in the yard. That it happened when I prepared the article Addicted to coffee.

I write a lot on my Romanian blogs. Sometimes I write on this English blog (How to write a good article). Every week I write for some friends who have made a website with medical information. Writing helps me to clear my thoughts, to see more clearly, to remain calm and satisfied. Also, writing and publishing I meet new people, I exchange ideas with other people. I document myself on various topics on the internet, which means that I learn new things, which enrich my general culture. Why am I writing? Because writing heals my upsets. It makes me dream and leads me to the part of literature that fascinates me. I wrote with great pleasure about the sunset which, in my view, is a poem in burning colors.

                   Other activities

I read a lot. Everything that gets in my way. Reading helps me to break for a while of my normal life and to enter different worlds. I like to read fiction, but I also open autobiographical books or books about creative writing with the same pleasure. Every day I try to read only in English, although it is not my mother tongue. I sometimes stop to write down new words and their translation. Often I try to form other sentences with them, to make sure I remember them. The last books I read were Full English Breakfast and The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, both in e-book form. Now I’m reading Bridget Jones’s Diary.

lockdown activities that I do regularly

I am learning English, because I need to master it as well as possible so that I can write correctly on the blog. My desire? To be able to communicate with the people I meet. My sister and I try to prepare a breakfast that is as consistent as possible, tastier and cheaper for our family. Do you think it’s ok to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for my blogs? It’s difficult to edit videos, but I still try. In this moment I’m looking for collaboration opportunities with companies. First of all, I learn to know myself, to discover the limits of my mental resistance.

                              Take a rest

I got into the habit of sleeping for an hour or two every afternoon. Resting is the best activity I do. That’s how I regained the energy I consumed in the first half of the day. I’m moving a lot. It’s not necessarily about exercise, but rather about the fact that I collect the toys that dogs scatter around the house. Often I use the vacuum cleaner, wash dishes and so on. It’s like going to the gym, only I don’t pay anything, I keep my body healthy, my house clean and my mind clear.

                               Having fun

I talk a lot with my family. We tell stories from a long time ago, make jokes, take pictures, gossip, play various games. In a single phrase, we have fun. Sometimes we cook together, other times someone cooks and the others rest. Try not to upset each other. An advice: offer space and at the same time to stay together, connected to reality. My family watch the news from the UK, from Romania and from the world. Our pleasure is to watch movies every night. Every single day we read jokes, we talk to friends on Facebook, we play with dogs.

joke lockdown toilet paper

I tell you honestly I don’t have time to get bored. It’s true, I can’t walk where I want, go to see the sea, go on holiday. But even staying at home I discover that there is a lot to do to make your life beautiful. You can arrange the garden, decorate your home, fix the broken things. Also, you can learn something new, sleep more, make new friends on the internet. But if you want to discover new blogs, where people write about them or offer so many free tips, I’m here for you. Lockdown activities that I do regularly is a very good article, in my opinion.

relax yourself during lockdown

Virtual cafe and book club

I signed up for a virtual cafe where people from all over the world gather to talk in English about absolutely anything they want. Wanting to sign up for a book club that a friend told me about is another desire. I really don’t have time to get bored. Also, I discover that I have already written a very long article. So, the tips I promised you on how to find new lockdown activities with children or the elderly or vulnerable, I will write in another article. These are my lockdown activities that I do regularly.

Stay safe!

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  1. In this lockdown is important to do all the time something new. I understant you, I have a list with activities but in the same time I miss my normality. I want to go out, to be free without rules.

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