My dog is cutest. In fact, both my dogs are cutest

My dog is cutest. In fact, both my dogs are cutest. Life with two dogs is so enjoyable that I would not want to replace it with anyone else. Not even on the days when Onix vomits all the grass she eats in the yard or when Bruno has diarrhea.

We manage to make every moment of life a celebration. We have a lot of fun, both at home and abroad. My two dogs, young and restless, always make me laugh. I like to listen to what they say when they think I can’t hear them. Do dogs know how cute they are?

One day I bought a blanket with tassels. Onix, the nine-and-a-half-month-old puppy, immediately fell in love with the blanket. I wanted to take pictures of her as she wrapped herself in brown plush. But the Onix is a restless dog. It’s hard to catch her motionless.
That’s when I heard Bruno, my five-and-a-half-year-old dog, teach her what to do.

-Bruno, I have the impression that mommy is making fun of us.
-Shut up and smile. If we look good in pictures, she gives us good treats.


My dog is cutest. In fact, both my dogs are cutest


Another day we had an unwelcome guest. A huge fly. Bruno barked at her, and Onix sat on two legs, staring at the chandelier. Bruno jumped out of his chair directly into the chandelier. Onix also jumped. The fly, careless, flew back and forth, making the dogs bark and run around the house like crazy. From time to time you could hear the fluttering of the masses, when one of them was about to catch the fly. All this time I was laughing with tears. My dogs are cutest.

My Onix (English – Onyx) is always surprising. Her imagination knows no bounds. This morning, when I took the dogs outside, she brought me another piece of evidence to confirm the above.
She climbed the neighbor’s fence to watch some birds. I approached to take her down, because it’s a small fence and I don’t want her to learn to jump. I reached for the puppy and … I stopped, forbidden:
Onix peed !!! Standing on two legs, perched on the fence.

I repeat: Onyx is a 9 month old female puppy. Onix is very intelligent and imitates Bruno in everything he does. I was even telling my family about a month ago that I expected to see her raise her leg when she pees. But she is amusing than that, she raised 2 legs to pee.

My beautiful and good Onix crowded a loaf of bread under the couch, after breaking it well, of course. I had my husband move the furniture to get the vacuum cleaner. SURPRISE! Under the couch my dogs had a real arsenal of balls and kongs.

Onix has learned to climb into the chair at my desk, and from there she casts lustful glances at the toys and books on the shelves. At the same time she licks her black snout, showing that she can’t wait to stick her white fangs in my toys.

Bruno slept in this chair for 2 years without being noticed. Then this skinny girl came and made it to pieces in a few months. The big holes are not visible, as she covered them with her own body.

Bruno told some friends how he came to have a sister: My mother promised me that when we had our house in Scotland, not to rent, she would bring me a sister. We don’t have our house yet, we are still renting, but mommy kept her promise. Of course, I didn’t expect Mommy to bring a puppy so agitated that I couldn’t even sleep in the afternoon, like I used to.

My dog is cutest. In fact, both my dogs are cutest

Bruno has three ways to warn Onix when she exceeds the measure and becomes too naughty. She’s no longer impressed by his growl, so she ignores him. She is no longer frightened when she sees him raise his lip and wrinkle his nose, without him making a sound. But when Bruno hisses like a snake, Onix takes a step back and she puts her snout on her paws, like a good girl.

My dog is cutest. In fact, both my dogs are cutest, aren’t they? I hope you enjoyed these short stories. I will try to write more, because our whole life is a story.

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