My Secret Diary. What should I write in my secret diary?

You can order My Secret Diary here. You will find it in two variants, both equally well structured, in a neat and attractive edition.
My Diary: A cute journal with lined pages and nice illustrations for girls, teenagers, women (Journals for girls and women)
My Secret Diary: Journals for Girls, Diary for Teenage Girls, Cute Personal Secret Diaries for Teenage Girls, Lined Journal for Kids, Lined Notebook for girls (Journals for girls and women). What should I write in my secret diary?

Girls and women like to have their own secret place to put their thoughts. They need a little intimacy to stay strong and motivated, to develop and get rid of all the frustrations and upsets gathered during the day.

What should I write in my secret diary?

Some girls and women usually use their secret diary to write down their weekly plans, to write stories invented by themselves, or to write down the horoscope of the day. What else can you write in your secret diary?

You can write about the daily events you go through, about your friends, about how you feel about certain situations, about school or work. You can also write about the things you are grateful for, but also about what annoys / bothers you.

Write about your hopes and plans for the future. Write down your favorite quotes found in books, magazines or on social networks.

You should write in your secret diary about your passions, about the hobbies you have, about what you dream of becoming one day, in the future.

I don’t know if this is getting used to now. When I was a teenager, each girl had her own diary, but it was no secret, quite the contrary. I would take the diary with me wherever I went and ask every person I met to write in it.

It was a diary with a question on each page. Girls and boys wrote their names and answered questions in the diary. The questions were:
-Your favorite color, your favorite food, your favorite actor, your favorite singer, why you like the author of this diary, a final memory, etc.

Back then, a real diary cost quite a lot, so girls generally used to buy ordinary notebooks and embellish them with pictures cut from magazines, with drawings made by them. Every girl between the ages of 7-8 and 20 had her own secret diary in which she wrote poems composed by her and wrote interesting quotes found in books.

Today you can find countless models of secret diaries for girls. Most of them are cheap, have lined pages and nice illustrations. They are suitable for both girls and teenagers or women.

Such a secret diary can be a gift idea for teenagers, for girls and women. My Secret Diary is suitable as a gift for a birthday, for Christmas, for a summer vacation (summer holiday), for retirement or even without a special occasion.


My Secret Diary. What should I write in my secret diary?


My Secret Diary. What should I write in my secret diary?

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