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ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) level 3

Everything is starting from the moment when I choose to go to the college for ESOL, which means English to Speakers of Other Languages. I pass the test and they consider I am level 3, so I will go to the ESOL level 3 this year. My husband and my nephew as well. I checked on internet to find out what means esol level 3. The teacher told me I am level 4-5 to reading and writing, but I am only 2-3 to listening and speaking. As usually when I’m looking for something on internet, I read a lot and I go from information to information, even when I don’t need to do this.

If you are ESOL level 3, that means you can understand what they speak and you can tell them about you, even you make some mistakes, some grammatical errors. You can make sentences linked with “but”, “and”, because”, like me in this article. 😀 You have a limited vocabulary and have frequent hesitations and requests for repetition and clarification when you speak. Don’t worry, if you go to the college for ESOL Read More

Cele mai populare cauciucuri auto

Cauciucurile auto sunt importante pentru a putea conduce in siguranta si pentru a putea avea o performanta ridicata a masinii. Daca aveti o masina cu o capacitate cilindrica ridicata, este important in special sa respectati importanta anvelopelor si sa analizati atent starea lor inainte de a pleca la orice drum. Multi soferi tind sa nu ofere atentia necesara pneurilor si astfel se ajung la evenimente rutiere nefericite, precum explozii sau rupturi care duc la inutilitatea anvelopelor. Read More

I don’t need therapy, I just need to go to Italy

I was on the brink of making a depression because of the bad weather in Scotland. I was tired with keen winds, endless rains, cold and excessive humidity. I booked my holiday in February for September 2018. I decided to be Sardinia, a very beautiful island with mild weather. I remembered that, somewhere on the Internet, I found a funny picture with a message that was perfect to me. I printed it and stuck it on the suitcase with which I went on vacation in Sardinia: I don’t need therapy, I just need to go to Italy.

In 2019 we will go on holiday in Spain. I’m looking for a suggestive message, preferably a message in lyrics, with rhyme. Read More

Blogs about life

I’m looking for blogs written in English. I have already lost two hours of my life with no satisfactory results. Google brings to my eyes blogs about how to learn or improve your English. I searched for blogs about life and I got back hundreds of blogs of some celebrities. I’m interested in simple people like me and you, not the lying lives of the stars.

I do not know where to start looking to get to what interests me. I do not even intend to spend my last day of my holiday reading hundreds of blogs in the hope that at least one of them has a blog-roll from where to start the selection. I want to read the life stories of others, I want to see what other persons write about people living in other parts of the world, I want to discover new habits, new places and enjoy words.

To be clearer, I must say that I’m not interested in blogs where mothers write about their babies, how they feed them, or how many times Read More

What do you do to turn the world into a better place?

I’m afraid of the cold outside world. Low temperatures in the Scottish country make cars, trees, and grass in white, motionless statues during the night. I’m especially afraid of people who are getting colder, more aggressive, more impassive. The earth, though spins on an axis, seems to be heading in the wrong direction. Everybody should be afraid of the times that will come. What kind of world will we leave to our children?

We live our lives in more or less crowded houses, drive cheaper or more expensive cars, eat better or worse, and all the while we pass impassively to the dramas of others. Do we ever think, when we take a shower or when we rock in the pool, that on Earth live children who do not have a cup of fresh water to drink? Do we think of bitterness that has nothing to eat? But to those who die because medical treatments are too expensive and they can not afford to pay? Read More

Happy women’s day!

Happy women’s day to all ladies in here!
Wishing you all the best! I hope will be a great day for everyone.

I’m curious to find out how women around the world spend this day. I would like to have a English blog known and appreciated by many people so I can get comments and find out what you do, my dear ones, on March 8, no matter where you live.

In Romania women receive flowers and candy or even more expensive gifts. Children give mothers their greetings, as well as small handmade gifts at school. Some companies offer employees a night at the restaurant, sometimes with a male striptease show. Men also offer various gifts to their wives and mothers. Read More

Freelancer – Can you earn money if you work from home writing articles?

I’ve been working for seven years as a freelancer. I write on my blogs, but also on my clients’ sites. I’ve written paid articles, press releases, essays, paid advertisements, SEO articles, children’s stories, adult stories and more. One of my blogs is very well positioned: DA 45, PA 45. I earn a lot of money with him. It’s a blog written in Romanian.

Do you have an article job and are looking for a experienced and a skilled blogger which can write in whatever form you want? I will be glad to help you and the price of an article written by me will please you. For collaborations or any information I can be contacted at the email address sas.vienela(at)

Since I moved to Scotland and I started learning a little English, I’ve been thinking of trying to find new opportunities, earning money as a freelancer writing in English. I already knew about the existence of the freelancer site, I had an account opened there. I applied to a few jobs Read More

Investeste bine

Banii sunt o importanta unealta in societatea de astazi si trebuie sa invatam sa ii investim bine. Nu am fost niciodata adeptul banului la ciorap si de aceea mi-a placut sa investesc in lucruri folositoare precum electrocasnice si alte lucruri care sunt necesare in casa. De exemplu, anul acesta am facut una din cele mai bune investitii.

Am decis sa intru pe site-ul magazinului online Climatico si sa cumpar un aer conditionat, deoarece imi doream sa preiau controlul asupra temperaturii din camera. este un magazin expert in comercializarea produselor de tip aer conditionat si detine o multime de brand-uri de inalta calitate. Read More

Nici o dimineata fara o cafea buna!

Cum altfel iti poti incepe o dimineata perfecta daca nu cu o cafea buna. Ei bine pentru foarte multi dintre noi, cafeaua reprezinta un aspect foarte important in ceea ce priveste inceputul fiecarei zile. Deci cand vine vorba de cafea este bine ca pe langa cafeaua pe care o bem, sa tinem cont si de aparatul care urmeza sa ne faca ziua mai frumoasa si plina de energie.

Cafetiere/Espressor, este mai putin important cum prefera fiecare dintre noi sa isi inceapa dimineata, insa ce este important este ca fiecare dintre noi, sa o faca exact asa cum ii place. Daca vorbim despre achizitionarea unui noi aparat de cafea, trebuie sa tinem cont de ceea ce avem nevoie astfel incat sa nu cumparam nici mai mult, nici mai putin, in ambele cazuri iesind in pierdere.

Daca va doriti sa achizitionati o cafetiera sau un espressor bun, pe site-ul celor de la Read More

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