Phrasal verbs at ESOL level 3

Phrasal verbs – try to use a multi-word verb. Tell us something interesting that happened to you this week, and try to use a multi-word verb – homework.

Try to use a multi-word verb

Two months ago I’ve got a new dog, a black female puppy called Onix. She’s 6 months old and she sometimes tries to get out of doing her needs outside, so I had to train her do not pee in my house. I was about to give up after some days when I saw she can’t focus on the training. She looked at me like she said “It’s Greek for me” what you want.

I was burn out because of this. I just have to brush up on what I’ve done with my old dog Bruno to teach him, I thought. Yesterday I decided to keep Onix on leash near me all day inside my house and it worked. She made her needs only outside. I want to carry on this training today as well.

It is not easy to learn English.

Besides the fact that there are many rules, especially regarding verbs, you also have to learn multi-words verbs. So you learn regular verbs, irregular verbs, phrasal verbs, etc. It’s hard to remember them all, especially if you don’t use them often enough.

I need to speak so I can imprint them in my memory. Blogging doesn’t seem to be enough. Although I try to write about it often, I still can’t remember all the verbs I learn.

Phrasal verbs – try to use a multi-word verb

I tried and probably succeeded. However, if I want to speak English with someone tomorrow, I will certainly not remember even one of the above verbs, whether they are phrasal or not. Maybe I should talk to my dogs, because I still don’t have anyone to practice English with. Do you think it’s a good idea? That’s how they can learn to bark in English.

Phrasal verbs - try to use a multi-word verb