A worksheet to learn preposition of place

Preposition of place (opposite, next to, behind, between etc). At the beggining of ESOL level 3 course, our teacher brought us a worksheet to help us to learn preposition of place (opposite, next to, behind, on the corner of, between, in the middle). I prepared a similar one to show you what I learned. Click the picture to make it bigger.

Preposition of place (opposite, next to, behind, between etc)

The library is on the corner of Aston Road.

The bank is between car park and dentist.

The park is opposite the library.

The dentist is in the middle.

The supermarket is next to the chemist.


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Homework – opposite, next to, behind, on the corner of, between, in the middle

Write a short description of your local area. Include: public services, transport links, shops, cultural and leisure facilities, your opinion of the area, what your area needs.

I live in Bathgate, a small town in West Lothian. Even it is not so big, I found out Bathgate is very old. It first enters the chronicles of history in 1141. If you go in the center of town, you can see the big building of Council. There is a library inside, but you can also get citizen’s advice or drink a coffee at the first floor.

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Opposite to this building you can see the police station. I don’t know where the fire station is, but I can tell you we have in Bathgate a lot of schools, including Bathgate Academy. I also know there are a lot of churches, parks, supermarkets, restaurants, a museum, a theater and a radio in my town.

You can travel to Livingston, Armadale and other small towns by bus or to Glasgow and Edinburgh by train. The train station is near Tesco. Next to my house is a nice park with a play ground.

I love Bathgate. I love its old buildings with their beautiful architecture, but I’d like to see a modern area here in Bathgate, a more colorful and lively area. I’d also like to see people keeping the town clean.


Due to coronavirus pandemic, I prefer do not see people outside.

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