Quotes and pictures of sunset – a poem in burning colors

The sunset is a time of day that fascinates young and old alike, women and men. It is that short period of time when the sun seems to say goodbye to the earth. Before dusk, the sun pampers our eyes with some pastel, warm colors, as we never see in the middle of the day.
Poets have spoken so many times about the sunset in verse how we ordinary people will never be able to write. All we can do is remain speechless with admiration and watching the sky bloom with an explosion of colors. I have for you some quotes and pictures sunset like a poem in burning colors.

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But sometimes I remember that such shows must be immortalized. Photograph them. But the best photos remain in my soul, because the camera cannot reproduce what my eyes see and especially what my soul feels. I don’t know about you, but I’m full of joy. I have tears in my eyes from so much beauty and I feel like stretching my arms and flying towards the sky painted in blue, and yellow, and red, and orange. Oh, if I could!

I have lived many sunsets in the almost 50 years of my life. I admired the setting sun in Romania, in Italy, in Sardinia, in Spain. But nowhere did I find it as beautiful as it is in Scotland, where I live now. Quotes and pictures of sunset – a poem in burning colors. The sunset in Scotland is, in itself, a little heavenly miracle. And there are not, as everyone knows, two identical sunsets. Every time the sun spreads in the sky other colors and other shapes. So, other gifts for people who fall in admiration.

 So, the most beautiful sunset are in Scotland:

pictures of sunset

pictures of sunset

I don’t know how to write poems and even more I don’t know how to write haiku. But I can’t stop when I think of the sunset and the purple or orange that it spreads, like a broken lace, in the sky and then I write, I even write haiku.

 Just tell me if you ever seen such an amazing sunset:

pictures of sunset

Sunset Haiku

The sky catch fire.
The sun goes down to the sea
An orange sunset?

Quotes and pictures of sunset – a poem in burning colors

  Sunset Scotland:

sunset picture

sunset scotland

I chose some pictures with the sunset. Some were made in Romania, one in Spain and I photographed the most beautiful sunsets in Scotland:

sunset amasing like a poem

I will leave below a few verses about the sunset. They are taken from poems written by world-famous poets and I love them.

  Sunset in Spain:

yellow sunset

And another Sunset in Scotland:

scotland sunset

“Orange bears health and gold harnesses strength
From the final rays of the sun.
Submerging self in these defences
Sunset works magic when twilght’s begun.” -Fay Slimm

       Quotes from Charlotte Brontë and a beautiful sunset

 Do you like the Romanian sunset? I really love it because is where I grew up.

white sunset

“Beneath a shady tree I sat
Through which with wondrous lustre gleamed
The rays of the departing sun
Which in its golden glory beamed

Among the shady verdant boughs
Ting[e]ing with crimson light
The beauteous emerald foliage
Now like the ruby bright.

All still & peaceful was the scene
And silence reigned around
Save the music of a murmuring stream
Which with its gentle sound…” – Charlotte Brontë

  Not visible, but the sun still there. Sunset Romania:

romania pictures sunset

Quotes sunset by Emily Dickinson and William Stanley Braithwaite

“The largest Fire ever known
Occurs each Afternoon…” – Emily Dickinson

“OUT of the sunset’s red
Into the blushing sea,
The winds of day drop dead
And dreams come home to me.” – William Stanley Braithwaite

And another quote, this time from Percy Bysshe Shelley:

“…None may know
The sweetness of the joy which made his breath
Fail, like the trances of the summer air,
When, with the Lady of his love, who then
First knew the unreserve of mingled being,
He walked along the pathway of a field
Which to the east a hoar wood shadowed o’er,
But to the west was open to the sky.
There now the sun had sunk, but lines of gold
Hung on the ashen clouds, and on the points
Of the far level grass and nodding flowers
And the old dandelion’s hoary beard,
And, mingled with the shades of twilight, lay
On the brown massy woods — and in the east…”

So, I will finish with some pictures: Sunset in Romania

Why am I writing about sunset? Because people love this time of day. I also write about sunset because I feel the need to sing it and I can’t. I also left you some quotes from well-known poems. Their lyrics are so beautiful! So, are you ready for the next sunset? Tell why you love the sunset, please. I already told you my reasons.

6 thoughts on “Quotes and pictures of sunset – a poem in burning colors”
  1. This was beautiful – the words as much as the photos 🙂 Amazes me as well that you found the sunsets in Scotland to me more impressive than those in Italy or Spain! 🙂

    1. I love Scotland with all my being. I like the sunsets here more, probably because I lived in Romania for 46 years. You know how it is, no matter how beautiful a place is, after you get used to them it doesn’t impress you anymore. Or maybe because the weather is not always good here in Scotland and the sky colored in pink, orange, purple colors my life.

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