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Round Word

Why Round Word?

I have chosen this name for my blog because round words are those words that seem to roll to the soul like a soap bubble in thousands of colors, wearing fascinating scents. I like to write and do it often on my blogs in Romanian, but living in the UK forces me to learn English. Not only that. I really want to be able to communicate with the people around me, to write as well in English as I write in my native language, to share my thoughts and my stories with others.

Round Word means to me that word that has the power to penetrate beyond appearances, to caress the heart of the reader or just to put it on the thoughts. It is the word that returns in the past, carries you to the future, excites you, makes you laugh or cry. It is the word that connects people and makes them feel alive, wearing them in imaginary adventures or just through the places that I know.

Round word means for me the word that can slip into the soul and can show the reader that no one is perfect, but yet every person can be happy in his little world. This is the word I’m going to try to write on my blog in as varied forms, so I invite you to stay with me and share my articles with your friends.

Let’s start the journey!