Scottish Legend – the Kelpie

I have lived in Scotland for several years. Trying to learn about the culture and customs of the Scottish people, I found various interesting legends that fascinated me. I want to say a few words about one of these Scottish legends today. Scottish Legend – the Kelpie

Near the town where I live is the tallest equestrian statue in the world, The Kelpies. I’ve been there a few times and taken countless photos. I wanted to put them together in a video that I would post on my Youtube channel, Iubesc Viata (which means Love Life).

But I couldn’t put them that way, without any description, so I searched for more information about The Kelpies on the internet. That’s how I came to know about a special Scottish legend, which I talked about in detail in my video.

I invite you to watch the video The Kelpies from Helix Park, Falkirk Scotland, legend and reality. Don’t be frightened by the fact that I don’t speak English, but Romanian. The video is translated into many languages, including English. Enjoy!

Scottish Legend – the Kelpie





Scottish Legend - the Kelpie


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