Self-Care Journal 2022 Activity Ideas in 5 Minutes

Self-Care Journal 2022 Activity Ideas in 5 Minutes, Habits, Practices and Mindset for Your Well-Being. 

A notebook journal produced by a small UK based author.

-100 pages complexly designed, so that you can learn how to live your happy life.

-Countless self-care ideas, diary pages with well-divided sections in which you can write what you feel and what you live, mandala-type animal colouring images for stress relief.

Well-being is absolutely necessary for mental health, as well as to be able to be useful to your loved ones, because you can’t take care of them if you don’t take care of yourself in the first place.

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Self-Care Journal 2022
Self-Care Journal 2022

Self-Care Journal 2022 brings together a lot of activity ideas that you can do every day in just 5 minutes for a state of well-being, to take care of yourself without putting any effort beyond your strength. These women’s diaries are the best Christmas presents ideas for your loved ones and even for yourself.

Do what you love to feel comfortable with yourself, to be active and to keep your mental health. Learn to love and take care of yourself to be beautiful and healthy both outside and inside.

Self-Care Journal 2022: Activity Ideas in 5 Minutes helps you take care of yourself by giving you a lot of ideas for a state of well-being and enough space to write, meditate, colour, get to know yourself better and love yourself as you deserve. Self care a day and night reflection journal that will help you everyday in the morning and evening.

Self-Care means a combination of activities, habits, practices and mindset that you use to get rid of everything that is bad in your life:

stress, anger, sadness, disappointment, unhappiness, depression, anxiety, frustration, shame, fear and all the other negative emotions that overshadow your happiness.

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Self-Care Journal 2022
Self-Care Journal 2022

The relationship between body and spirit is deeper than most people can imagine. You cannot have a healthy body if your mind is constantly full of worries and upsets, just as you cannot be happy if you do not take care of your health.

Give yourself five minutes a day just for yourself, five minutes to do what you love, whether that means watching a funny YouTube video, planting a flower in the garden or just lazing around on the couch with your eyes closed and you will immediately notice how your life is changing for the better.

In order to live a happy life, the human being needs his mind and body to be in full harmony. It may be too hard for many, but the truth is that when you learn to enjoy the little things in your life, happiness embraces your soul and helps you stay healthy. Finding Time Just For You isn’t selfish.

In this diary you will find countless ideas of activities that you can do in five minutes for an excellent state of well-being that will be reflected both inside and outside.

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Self-Care Journal 2022
Self-Care Journal 2022

On amazon you will find these diaries for women (and not only, because it suits equally well for men, teenagers, etc.) in 3 versions of covers, from which you can choose your favorite: lilac, maroon or blue. Upon request, the author can provide other cover colours.

You probably already know that doctors and psychologists recommend living an active life, which includes both outdoor exercise, written relaxation and enough rest. Follow their advice, take inspiration from the ideas you will find in this Self-Care Journal 2022 and your life will improve considerably.

The same Self-Care Journal 2022 Activity Ideas in 5 Minutes with green cover

This Journal for Women 2022 is a cheap gift for your loved ones. Its price is just over 5 pounds, but the joy that you will feel those to whom you will give these diaries for women is priceless.

Give the Self-Care Journal 2022 notebook to your mother, father, uncle, aunts, grandmother, grandfather, retiring colleague, friend who has lived a special life.

Self-Care Journal 2022 is a cheap present for Christmas, New Year, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, birthday, but also without any special occasion.

If you are looking for new journals for women 2022 or activities ideas in 5 minutes, choose one of these cheap and cute journals.

The notebook diary book Self-Care Journal 2022 has a slim, soft, thin, pastel cover that you will immediately love. Grab a copy for a friend and share the journey together! Get your copy today!

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Self-Care Journal 2022

Check out my online Amazon author profile, Vienela Sas, because you will find there many other types of journal, all useful, with unique templates, perfect as a present or for your well-being.

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