Self Reflection Journal: daily observation, experience, emotion, healthy habit

Produced by a small UK based author. Self Reflection Journal: Daily Observation, Experience, Emotion, Healthy Habit. 

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Self Reflection Journal: Daily Observation, Experience, Emotion, Healthy Habit

  • Self-Reflection Journal helps you to know yourself better, to appreciate yourself, to understand where you are wrong and what your strengths are. When you look inside yourself with detachment, leaving aside emotions, when you study yourself with a child’s curiosity, you discover that you are in fact a different person and that you deserve the best.
  • This complex diary is the path to learning, to self-love, to knowledge and personal, social, material development.
  • The Self-Reflection Journal has a unique template that contributes to practical reflections. It will help you develop your creative thinking skills, get more involved in your own life, appreciate what you have and put aside what hurts you.
  • How do you write a self reflection journal? The diary has 100 pages with the dimensions of 6 x 9 in (slightly larger than an a5 notebook) and is very well structured by categories, so that you only complete daily each observation, experience, emotion. A short daily reflection is nothing but a healthy habit.
  • Self-Reflection Journal contains 100 very well structured pages where you can write in ready-made frames about everything that means your life: mood, goals, happiness, stress, positive change, three things you are grateful for etc.
  • The diary has two pages for each day and they include a small empty space for drawing and 5 stars to determine how good or bad that day was.
  • Look at your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions. Understand your emotions, strengths, weaknesses, drives, values and goals, and recognize their impact on others. Only by learning about yourself in depth will you be able to maintain your mental health and improve your quality of life. Self Reflection Journal: Daily Observation, Experience, Emotion, Healthy Habit.
  • Using the practice of self-reflection you will benefit from huge advantages that will increase your self-esteem, will help you to love and cherish yourself, will contribute to your emotional and intellectual development. Reflective practice can also help you to develop creative thinking skills, and encourage active engagement in work processes.
  • Self-Reflection Journal is a cute diary for girls, women, men, teenagers who want to discover themselves, to love themselves, to understand themselves and the world around them. The journal is ideal for pupils, students, working people, business people and retirees alike. It is a complex diary that can be used by anyone, regardless of age, gender, social status, marital status, material status and so on.
  • The purpose of this notebook journal is to help you stay motivated and strong, to fight for what you deserve, to develop personally, to feel good about yourself, and to develop certain skills, such as writing, inner knowledge, understanding certain things. lived situations, release of stress and anxiety, etc.
  • Looking for gift ideas for womenGift ideas for girls? The Self-Reflection Journal is a challenge for anyone who wants to evaluate and improve their own life, but also that of those around them.
  • This diary of self reflection is part of positive psychology and is especially useful this year, when people have isolated themselves and tend to become depressed because they can’t meet friends, can’t travel and they don’t seem to know how to enjoy the little things that bring them joy.
  • If you like this secret diary, please recommend it to others. Thank you!

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Check out my online Amazon author profile, Vienela Sas.  You can find there many other types of journal, all useful, with unique templates, perfect as a present or for your well-being.

To know yourself means to be able to understand your emotions, to be able to make rational decisions, to be able to control the situation every time. It means appreciating what you are and still trying to get better. Self Reflection Journal is a diary for Daily Observation, Experience, Emotion, Healthy Habit.

Self Reflection Journal: Daily Observation, Experience, Emotion, Healthy Habit

Journaling prompts for self-reflection.

A journal in which to write daily can help you develop your creativity, free yourself from negative thoughts, get rid of stress and lead a better life.
That is why I suggest you choose a cheap diary, a diary in which to write your thoughts, but also your wishes. A self-reflection diary that motivates you to learn about yourself and the world around you and become the best version of yourself.

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