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I ask you to adopt dogs from Romania

I do not know if people offer donations for dogs in SPCA shelters, but I liked the way these animals are promoted to find each one of them the owner and the right home. I received a letter at home that I was asked to donate some money to the animals in the care of the SPCA. I entered curiosity on their site and there I could see every dog waiting to be adopted by loving people. I really liked Alfie, a black dog I would have taken home if I had enough money and other conditions.

I invite you to look at the animals in the care of the SPCA and eventually to donate some money, because only with the help of these dogs will they be able to live a good life, they will be protected from the torments that the dogs in the shelters Romania. In Scotland, dogs are well cared for in shelters, they have sufficient food, they are entitled to veterinary services and nobody is beating them, as is the case in my country, where the suffering of the dogs in the shelters breaks your heart. Read More

Donations around winter holidays

Donations around winter holidays

I like to see the world engaging in noble causes, helping without expecting rewards, and for this reason, when I hear about such actions, I write on my blog to make their deeds known. This evening I was at Tesco for a few shopping. On leaving, as I left the store, I stopped for a second in the district with books donated by others. There I can leave as much money as I want and I can choose the book I want. The money that I and others like me get to some people with cancer. This time, I offered only two pounds for a booklet about Martin’s mice.

A little further, I saw a box in which various dog and cat food was collected. Any person entering the store could leave something good to eat for a being that totally depends on us, the people. Unfortunately, I did not buy for my dog, Bruno, except for chicken, and it did not seem right for my donation, because I do not know how long the food donated to the dog gets and I do not want to send something perishable. Read More