It was kind of cold last night when I pulled my dog out for a walk. I was not scared, because the temperature seemed normal for the end of November. As far as I noticed, there are no big differences between Romania and Scotland on the weather, at least during this time of the year. In the morning and evening it is quite cold, and during the day the weather is warm and the sun shines all around.

We went to sleep late, I was in the warm bed, and the dog in his couch bought from LIDL. In the morning, when I was out with my dog, walking, everything was white, a white as I had never seen in my country. On my other blog I told, in a fun way, how the miracle happened under my eyes: it turned my dog into a pig. In short, because you probably do not understand the Romanian language, I tell you that it stuck in the mud and rolled through mud until the fur became the color of the earth.

Bruno was happy, and I was glad to see that he was having fun. I did not take into account the fact that I watered my feet, that I was a little cold or that I dirty two big cotton towels to wipe the dog well when I got into the house. Scotland once again offered us so much joy with things so simple: the dog’s baldness in the mud and a lot of white through the grass and the asphalt. In Romania I have never seen the asphalt so white, probably because the temperature differences between day and night are higher. Usually, when it’s cold, in the morning we have a pole, a layer of shiny ice as a mirror.

If a Scotsman arrived in Romania to see the asphalt covered with a transparent layer of ice, he would marvel as I was wondering when I looked out the window in the morning and saw the street bleached by the bruma. As I walked into the house, after I removed the muddy dog, I opened the kitchen window and took a picture of the street, to show them to my Romanian friends that I saw. Thanks for white, Scotland!

From this window I made many pictures in the two months since I moved to Scotland. I have surprised many beautiful sunsets, I have immortalized the moment when a neighbor across the road has swept the leaves fallen because of the strong wind, so as not to sink the sewer, even trying to photograph the foxes that cross the street without fear. In my corner of the world, every day there’s something interesting to see and photograph. It’s a shame that I only have a phone that is not performing at all.

I still believe that you will be able to see what a pleasant panorama is welcoming me every morning at the kitchen window when I get down to coffee. Below is the picture I made this morning when I saw the white street.

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