The future of air travel

                                            Traveling by train

Although I have lived in Scotland for almost 3 years, I traveled by bus once, from Bathgate to Livingston. I don’t want anymore. Never again. One hour to reach Livingston. I paid about 2 pounds for the ticket. The bus passed through all the villages in the area. They stopped the bus halfway because the driver had finished his shift. We waited until the other driver started. I traveled a few times by train from Bathgate to Edinburgh. It was very comfortable and also very cheap because I was in a group of 4 and I bought round trip tickets. Let’s talk about The future of air travel and the most friendly way to travel.

The most friendly way to travel

I traveled by plane from Edinburgh to Sardinia and to Spain, with one stop at London. The prices were reasonable, but I don’t like to fly to long because I need to smoke and I can’t in the airport at London. I usually travel by car. I have a Renault Kadjar from 2016. Regarding the effect on the environment, I think traveling by bicycle is the most friendly way. After that I think is probably the train, car, bus and plane.
Even a lot of people are worried about carbon emission, most of us want to live comfortable lives and to travel around the world fast and safe. In my opinion, the only way to reconcile the both goat and cabbage (this is a Romanian saying) is the scientists to find a new type of fuel and to invent something like electric cars.

A plea for the environment

I hope one day in the future they will be able to discover the secret of teleportation.
However, I am convinced this will not happen in the near future. Probably one day the Earth will be tired of us and will give up of fighting with people’s indifference. We can already see how our lives are changing due to climate change, viruses and global warming.
If you didn’t read yet the book Dune, by Frank Herbert, which is a science fiction novel, I recommend you to do. Among other things, the book is a plea for a sober life and for caring the nature. The book is also a plea for the environment and being of other species.

The future of air travel

Airplanes are one of the greatest and most profitable inventions of mankind. No matter how many environmentalists oppose it. But it is unlikely that business people will give up everything that the aircraft industry and travel means.

We need faster ways to travel

Anyway, I don’t think we can return to the old life, walking for long, long distances like 500 years ago. We need faster and faster ways to travel. Have you seen? Most of the people live thinking like Madame de Pompadour, the lover of king Louis XV of France. So, that lady said “After us, the flood”. I try to do my best to protect the environment, but in the same time I want to visit the world. Why? Because I want to see other countries, to meet new cultures and to live a lovely life. I’d like to travel to Israel, France and Morocco… I always dreamed to see the Northern Lights and to visit Africa. I don’t know if I’ll be able in this life. Probably in the next one so… 😀

The future of air travel

The major causes of carbon emissions

Air flights are one of the major causes of carbon emissions. A flight from Glasgow to Delhi will put .78 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere per passenger. And there are more flights every year. People are becoming more and more worried about this. Write your ideas about the future of air travel in a comment below.

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