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The most beautiful photos

I remember that in the summer of 2013 I heard that there are people who make nice pictures and sell them, earning money to live with. I always enjoyed taking pictures. I was going through a hard time and I had no money at all. I thought I could make good pictures to sell to those who needed them. I read on the internet that there are companies who buy photos that are representative of their business, that there are bloggers who need pictures to illustrate their articles, so my dream of earning money makes what I like growing bigger.

I started by making my accounts on all sorts of intermediary sites that offered people the opportunity to sell and buy photos. Of course, these sites were asking for a commission, but that was not a problem if I could sell a lot of beautiful photos. In my imagination, companies and bloggers would have fought to buy the pictures that I was making, or even offered extra money, only to be able to use them. I have to tell you that, in my imagination, I was already the best photographer in Europe, on Earth even. I already saw myself rich and famous because of my excellent pictures.

After any beautiful dream follows the awakening, like a shower of cold water. How do I sell the photos I do if I do not even have a camera? How do I make beautiful pictures, if I come out so rarely from my house (I was blogging then, I was writing a hell of a lot about all my blogs and company websites)? What kind of photos can I make in an aging city, where are only communist apartment buildings and garbage? But especially, how do I take pictures if I do not have a camera? It sounds funny to you, is not it? It was not for me, because I needed money and that would have been an easy and pleasant source of income.

The result came naturally. I knew you had to invest first if you wanted to make a profit, so from the money I earned with the writing I bought the cheapest camera and I left the house to make the most beautiful photos. I photographed everything I came across – trees, butterflies, dogs, cats, cars, flowers, old buildings, statues, birds, graffiti on the walls, lanterns, toys, books, fruits, coffee cups. Now, I’m sure I’m starting to earn money from selling my photos! I was thinking, happy. I uploaded one of my photos to a site where photos were sold, convinced I would be immediately successful. The outcome? My photo was rejected because it did not respect I do not know the size required there. 😀

Disappointed, I decided to use all my photos to illustrate only the blog articles I’m writing. Years have passed. In 2018, I bought a better camera with which I can make beautiful pictures. I’m not thinking of selling them anymore. Sometimes I do not even post them online. Sometimes I include them in small videos that I upload to youtube. Here my photos are successful. People really like it. I know I have a lot of work to do until my pictures look like professional photos. Still, I’m proud of the pictures I make. I await the day the first company wants to buy my photos. 😀 Until then, I post them on my blogs and on my YouTube channel.

All photos in this article were made in October 2018.

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