A week ago I had a little domestic accident. Maybe I would not have given much importance to this little accident, but it does not let me work, sleep, and even climb the stairs of the apartment. I feel like I’m a bad robot. I had to take a break from work and stay at home, and here I found it hard to get out of bed or go to the kitchen on the ground floor.

All this pain made me wonder what was at the head of the architects who, all over the UK, built houses that have the kitchen on the ground floor and the upstairs bathroom. How can a man with disabilities or an elderly man handle himself in such a home? As long as you’re young, it’s a pleasure to climb and descend stairs. You strengthen your leg muscles, keep in shape, as you would say. But what do you do when old age or a health problem prevents you from going to the bathroom or kitchen without the help of others?

Did the architects also think about these difficult moments in human life? Has he suffered from the suffering that those left alone will endure, when they will struggle to warm up their tea or go to the toilet, climbing and descending all the steps of the house? But all the people who bought such houses? Have they thought for a moment that the time will come when they get old and will not be able to do things the way they did when they were young?

I swear I do not understand the reason why the houses in the UK are built in this way. If there is any man who can blame me in this regard, please explain to me, at least in a few words, why almost all the English houses (including the Scots where I discovered this model of construction) have bedrooms and the upstairs bathroom, while the kitchen and the living room are on the ground floor.

There are many things I like in Scotland, but I realize we also have things in Romania that are better done than in the UK. Houses, for example. In our apartments all are built on one level. If I want to go to the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom or the balcony, I go straight. I do not climb stairs, I do not come down, so I do not make great efforts when I get older or when I have a small domestic accident.

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