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The story of a dry tree

All the time I am tempted to make various comparisons between Scotland and my native country, Romania. Unfortunately, in all areas Scotland seems to be above us. Probably this is why you can see more Romanians in Scotland than Scottish in Romania. It’s normal to be so. They have left home looking for a better living, looking for a country to care for her citizens.

Do you know what I’ve noticed? As in Scotland nature is truly respected, that no one even breaks a flower. This thing delights me and makes me respect these people. In my country, the branches of the trees are torn down every spring. All the trees look like somebody wanted to mess with them. I’m ashamed when I look at them. I’m in the mood to hit the people who cut tree branches. Why are not we able to leave nature alone, at least where it does not bother us?

On a street in Scotland, in the courtyard of a house, I noticed a dry tree. You can not even imagine how astonished you have been seeing people have not cut the tree to turn it into firewood, but let it sit in the yard, beautifully arranged, to astonish the tourists who will notice it. This dry tree made me think of an aging dog. Some people are able to drive away the old dog from home, “lose” it somewhere, while other people spend their last money to care for the last days of the dog that has always been faithful to them. That’s the difference between the Romans and the Scots in terms of respect for nature.

What you see in the picture below was once a towering tree that made the shadow in the courtyard of good people. When the tree dried up, they did not cut it to put it on fire, but arranged it nicely and left it where it was born and where it grew, where it grew old and gave people fresh air and beauty.

I think I will someday write a story about the dry tree that remained guarding the yard of some Scottish people and remind everyone that a tall, powerful, daring tree once lived on the earth, giving people what only nature can give: vivid colors, natural beauty, shade when the sun shines with power, fresh air and a state of well-being.

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