The world is round and looks huge, but it’s actually so small. You do not know, you who walk in distant areas, when you can meet a man in your town. In my country, the country I loved so much once, there are fewer people. They all go where they see, for they are tired of poverty, of lies, of thievery, of bitter life. They are tired of working as slaves and at the end of the month they receive a salary that does not get them to pay bills and put food on the children’s table. They were tired of seeing those in the government enrich themselves on the work of their servants, then laughing shameless at the accusations brought to them.

I decided to leave my country at the other end of Europe. I met here people of all nationalities and all ages. Despite the cultural differences, I discovered the truth right away: we are all people with different qualities and flaws. We all have expectations of life and those around us, we all want to be as good as we all want a life as easy as possible. And I discovered one more thing: all the Scots are wondering about us and they’re taking off their imaginary hat before us because we have the courage to go into the big world even though many of us do not master the language spoken in the country of adoption . It is surprising that we can learn a foreign language and admire it for it. Probably envy us, I would say.

But I do not know if the Scots would envy us, if they could understand that our knife has come to us (I do not even know if this expression has English translation) that we all have come to despair and that only the poor of the governors of Romania and the desire to live human beings push us to abandon the homes and the life we already know to look for another country, a country that will receive us with their open arms and which, through salaries and rights to show us that they appreciate our work and our efforts.

The Romans who have courage, who have blood in their veins and who want to live without being mocked, choose to leave the world, to work honestly and to earn as much as they deserve for their work. In this round and big world, for they are convinced that there is a place under the sun for each of us. Of course, some people already know that the sun, however good it may be, can burn you, so they are looking for a place where the sun and the shadow, and evenings that bring relief to souls burned with hatred of thieves, a corrupt government, the wickedness of the peoples.

At this moment I work and live in Scotland, a country where rain is raining and where a mad wind always blows. I love it and I am glad that I made this decision. I brought my whole family here (I do not know when to bring home the cats that are still home, which are still in Romania). But if I do not like it anymore, home anyway, I will not come back anyway. I know this round world is huge and there is a place under the sun for me. If I ever want to leave Scotland, I will look for another country as welcoming as foreigners, a country to help me live well and to feel good.

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