That day was cold and cloudy. We (my husband and I) were walking with great strides, trying to keep away from the wind that shook our cheek. For me Scotland was still a foreign country, very beautiful, but different in many ways from my country. I was looking for a bookstore from where to buy books to learn English and I could only find libraries.

By chance, while heading for the supermarket, I saw on the sidewalk a book with children’s stories. I enjoyed it very much and I took it without thinking, especially because it was going to start raining. Than be destroyed by the rain, I better go to my home and learn English reading it.

I already had some books in English, but a children’s book I thought was easier to understand. It was not like I thought. The Fantabulous BFG book is pretty tough for a person who knows English at the beginner level. However, I found in this book a sentence I liked a lot and which I chose to use as a motto for my blog in English.

This is where all dreams is beginning!

Why? Because I just moved to Scotland and just bought my round word blog. I started a new life. Or maybe even two lives, a real one and a virtual one, on the Internet. These two lives are not separate, but they blend together harmoniously, as the words in that book are also intertwined. It’s a nice story about a little girl and a giant who could hear the buzz of people’s dreams. I recommend this story to both children and adults.

This is where all dreams is beginning! If you got to my blog and read this little article, you already know where the dreams begin, who can hear them and you can choose whether to dream still or let old age cover your soul. Come together to dream of a more beautiful, cleaner, better world, a world in which children grow healthy and cheerful. Let the words become round, roll through the universe, reach out to every person who needs them, even if they do not realize it for the time being.

This is where all dreams is beginning! I made a blog in English because I dream to learn it. What are you dreaming about? Open the window to the world and let the world come to you.

For the child who lost his book on the street, I have a message: I want you to enjoy life and dreams, always have a good giant (BFG – big friendly giant) who can hear a tiny little buzzing-humming noise of your dreams.

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